This is a smooth HYBRID the new design is great. Shouts out to the flight club in Compton you can find them on weed maps.


  1. For all you guys telling him to inhale it’s scientifically proven that you don’t need to leave it in to get High, just u smoking it will get into ur blood steam , u don’t need to leave it in , same effects same results , I still to this day inhale a lot in and leave it in bevayse it’s my natural instinct but u don’t need to

  2. Just got a few of these today and not to sure how I feel about them. They do get me pretty up there and notice it last a bit longer than other carts. Got a gg4, do si dos and the gelato. And by far gelato was the best tasting. Was like smoking fruit loops lol

  3. I actually poured the oil from the new BrassKnuckles ReverseFlow cartridge out into measuring container & weighed with digital scale & was only a little over half a gram of oil. The old cartridges measure over a gram by a point or 2.

  4. Hey brother I see you enjoyed that brass knuckles gelato but have you tried 710 kingpens gelato?? It's much better in my opinion it's not fruity like brass its more of a vanilla. I would def reccomend that

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