Jack Herer [Classic] Cannabis Strain Review

Jack Herer is a 55% sativa dominant hybrid sativa cannabis strain that’s typically described as blissful, clear-headed, and creative. It is moderately difficult to …


  1. Finally fully legal here in Michigan. Need to get my hands on some JH. Hard to find clear headed strains. Even the sativas I use make my brain stony and make me couch locked.

  2. Love the channel…. I just started mine. Just harvested my first grow. Check it out sometime. Thanks for all the great vids. They've helped me out a ton. Cheers Growmie!

  3. Hey JJ! I had the chance to smoke J Herer in 1996 when they just release it in Amsterdam!!! Great year for weed!!!
    If you look for a real good sativa dom phenotype who look and TASTE like the original one(so big yield and sativa effect) you should look for Sannie's Jack from Sannie's seed(I grew SjackF7 a few years ago )they have it in regular and Fem (their killing field and herijuana worth it!)
    "Only"23%!!!!! Imho everything above 20% is strong weed😉😊😁…but you know how it is some prefer this terpenes profile and some the other I guess that's what it is all about now…don't you think??? I mean when you have access to all that different weed it must be crazy and you must want to try all the different taste but after a few months you must know what you like the most! So I guess most of the regular smoker must buy what they like for the most part and try a few other thing or I may be wrong???
    I know I like haze the most and I would try every hazy strains to find the cross I would like the best and when it is done you would want to compare it with the others same crosses (it is so convenient to know all those percentages!)
    Have a lifted one

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