1. Recently I've taken hydroxyzine. It made me sleepy the next day but later in the afternoon I went back to normal. I have anxiety that goes alongside my autism since a young age, and recently went through a physical assault that has traumatized me for almost two months now 😭

  2. I'm prescribed .5mg Xanax as needed but I'm getting a trial dosage of hydroxyzine today. In the past I've used benadryl and doxylamine succinate (Unisom) for sleep ocasionally and I absolutely LOVE the tired sedated feeling AND how it increases my appetite. I'm a short dude and weigh 107 pounds (yikes!) so .5 of Xanax is perfect and sometimes knocks me out/feel very sleepy. Anything that boosts my appetite is appreciated.

    I too was nervous to try Xanax because of the stigma that it's super dangerous but honestly if you keep your usage to once or twice a week max you're not going to get addicted or develop a tolerance. I've taken .5 a day for like 3 days when I was super stressed out and never found the dosage to lose its effect or have any cravings. First time I took it, I took .25 and it completely killed the anxiety I was having about both trying it and social anxiety. The only issue I foresee is the sedation of hydroxyzine, I can't go to work dead tired lol.

    Have you heard of or tried Phenibut? It's legal in the US without a prescription but it comes with the same warnings as Xanax. Highly addictive stuff but it is WONDERFUL. It works differently than Xanax and lasts a lot longer. I use it maybe once or twice a month at most

  3. My doctor prescribed me 10mg of Hydroxyzine last week for my anxiety (I've had it for over a month now!) and since I started taking it there would be times when I would feel weak but then after a while I would feel normal again. Also, my heartbeat would feel weak at times whenever I would feel my chest especially in the mornings after I started taking it. I worried about my weak heartbeat so much I went to the nurse several times this past week but they keep saying my heart is beating strong. When I first used it, it helped me fall sleep at night, but when I woke up I would have a little dizziness. I also didn't use it much since I wouldn't need it, but now I'm using it at least every night in hopes of helping me feel better and stronger. Have you felt your heart feeling weak at times?

  4. its 11:20pm & I just took my first hydroxyzine that I was just given to me by my doctor. I was super addicted to Xanax for an entire year! They messed my life up in just one short little year.. I was a CNA with a good job.. I took too many one night. I, in my blacked out state of mind, was sitting in a random parked car outside of my house. I ended up getting arrested with a felony burglary charge. I have never been into trouble before this in my life.. I still have no memory of that night. That was about 2 years ago… ever since ive been too afraid to take rely on a pill for anxiety.. I just suffered through it. It came to me with time, I needed help.. Suffering isn't living. I am not capable of managing this alone. So again I asked for help.. Anyways I wanted to know if you have had any luck with hydroxyzine or no? im really banking on this to work…THANKS!

  5. I take Prozac now for my anxiety for about 2 yrs it changed my life for good. They gave me Hydroxyzine to take as needed when I started my Prozac. It helped it use to make me sleepy too but not no more. I was on Xanax for like almost ten yrs it helps at the moment. But I was getting dependent on Xanax to much. Xanax is like bandaid but anxiety always came back. I know how you feel I couldn't leave the house without a Xanax pill in my pocket for emergency. I don`t even think about anxiety no more. I still feel little anxiety thats normal but nothing like before when I felt I was gonna die I felt so weak to not being able to control my body. I hope all is good now for you Hope everything worked out .

  6. It makes me insanely sleepy and the half life lasts for ever. The day after I feel like a zombie. Not as good as Klonopin in my opinion but it's better than some other stuff I have taken.

  7. I've been on this medication for 6 months and I can truly say that it is life-changing. I feel like it saved my life! My anxiety is not Extreme like it used to be. I'm finally able to get a good night sleep.

  8. I see that the video is over a year or so ago, but I wanted to share my experience with "Atarax" – it's a hydroxyzine like "Visatril".
    So I'm almost a week in and I told myself I was going to take this only after a panic attack, but I started taking 2 pills each night. I swear to god, after 30min or so It makes you feel drowsy but in a good-calm way. After that, you're knocked out on the couch-sleeping. Idk if it is just me, but since I started taking it I'm having 3 nightmares a night-at least! I wake up, and then go back to bed. The next day It probably still has a hold of you, because without taking a pill throughout the day, you still feel the calmness and stability of your actions. P.S- Hope this helps 🙂

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  10. hydroxyzine is nothing like Xanax. in fact antihistamines like that and benadryl have the opposite effects because they can cause delirium, especially in high doses. people use drugs like benadryl to hallucinate and experience delirium.

  11. I was on hydroxyzine and you’re not alone I could argue that maybe it was my anxiety getting to me when I was taking in but after re thinking it and how I felt, it was definitely the medication it made me feel too relaxed, I felt very droozy, and dream like which made me feel scared but I was just too tired or you could even say relaxed to get anxious about it, which is very odd, I disliked the way it makes me feel I just couldn’t really function normally and everytime I would get off it, it just brought me back to square one, which was me being constantly scared and anxious and I’m no longer taking it because It just didn’t have a good effect on me. I also think the medication may be too strong because when I took the medication as one whole pill, i felt very sleepy and very zombie like for two days but I can’t tell rather it was the medication or me.

  12. Personally I just take 50mg of Hydroxyzine (my doctor said 50mg is an okay dosage to take) for when I feel like I have a panic attack about to start, or if I know something is going to be prolonged and stressful. Otherwise, I wouldn't take it on a daily basis because it just makes me drowsy and spacey. But it does the job for panicky times.

  13. When I first made this video I had no idea how many views it would get. However with the views come the judgmental comments on how much I ramble. I first want to apologize for it because I like to watch videos that get to the point. With that being said I want to explain it a little bit. I am the type of person that likes to explain every detail so you can make the best decision.At the time my anxiety was better on sunny days vs cloudy, it also was better on the weekends when my husband is home. I felt like I didn't have the best impression of this medication as I had tried it when my anxiety WASN'T at its worst. I have not tried this medication since this initial trial. I have heard from several people stating this worked for them. I have also heard from several that it didn't………..As you may know Youtube changed the way they monetize my content. My channel needs 1,000 subscribers so I would be EXTREMELY grateful if you can show your support by clicking the subscribe button if you haven't already done so. Monetizing my videos allows me to invest back into my channel so a small gesture goes a long way for me. Thank you so much xoxo Cynthia

  14. Soooo dramatic, you took a stronger version of Benadryl and got sleepy. No surprise there! Antihistamines are used in Tylenol pm, and other sleep aids, to make you drowsy.

  15. i use to take valium for years i got off them i had anxiety too i went different route the root of the problem and is different for all but here are some things otc / gaba with b complex and l-theanine and u can add magnesium citrate and if that is not working add 5-htp i use thses for anxiety and to go to sleep but add otc sleeping aid i was taking ambein too. never tried hydroxzine thats why i watched your video . good luck and u can get off all meds natural is the way too go. but always good to have back up plan

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  17. I was just put on this recently. My pharmacy had the medication I was on on backorder, which was buspirone, so my doc switched me to hydroxyzine and said the effectiveness was the same as buspirone. This is only my second day taking it, so I am expecting to continue to adjust because my body is getting used to the buspirone flushing out (which I had been on since 2010) and the hydroxyzine being introduced. I am prescribed to take hydroxyzine 4 times daily. So far, it kind of reminds me of the calming way that Benadryl makes you feel, only not as drowsy, but more of the relaxed, chill, calm, anti-anxiety effects. It makes you feel really calm and relaxed in your muscles, so like sometimes if I am having bad anxiety my neck, shoulders, and back muscles will tense up from stress, well this calms down the mental anxiety and seems to relax the muscular tension from the anxiety. I'm still feeling a bit spacy here and there, but since it is only the second day I am comfortable with that. I have quite a bit of experience having to adjust to various prescriptions for various issues throughout my life, so I am not too worried. So far it seems like it is working for me.

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