1. Thank you so much for watching everyone… this documentary was created thanks to your wonderful support and donations. I've uploaded it totally free to watch, so if you can do one favor for all the effort everyone put into creating this – please please share it with at least one person. Spread the word so these stories are not forgotten.

  2. Girl it too soon to conclude until you have heard our side of the story blacks in South Africa are going through the worst. And my point of view this documentary intended to divide us more further it doesn't give us any solution so you are continuing looking down on the black people in south Africa

  3. Well I am a teenager (female) living in South Africa🙈and I live on a farm.. We've experienced a farm attack, 9 attempted break-ins and 14 successful break-ins (from March 2018-now).. with one being last week when they tried to break down our door to get in.. Luckily my dad got home quick enough to chase them away🙈.. My sister and I (she is 14, I'm 16) have to sleep with guns by our bedsides as well as both my parents… It's honestly not safe anymore… I'm not going into detail about the break-ins etc because it can get pretty bad🙈

  4. This will be America ten years from now. As soon as the white numbers dwindle under a certain limit and they are isolated in pockets of the country, all the others will just take on them. If you think that "their" government will enact a similar affirmative action to protect the rights of the white people, look what happened in Rhodesia and South Africa. We are going the same way and its suddenly getting very fast. A lot of families are already working on an escape plan.

  5. I think we don’t allow them refuge in aus us etc is cause the powers that be worry about the message that they bring. Where do we start in helping these people?

  6. Why don't we swap all aggrieved black supremacists for the white victims here? Win win no? Blacks get a country where they are in charge and whites get left alone in a country their ancestors built. Someone tell me why this is a bad idea without cultural appropriation of the white mans techniques. I will wait

  7. Being an American married to a South African this documentary breaks my heart. My husband is still over there (visa issues) after being married for almost three years. I worry about his well-being everyday. It would almost be easier for me to move over there but knowing the crime issues they have timid me because I know I cannot raise a family there; but getting him over here cost so much so we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. God Bless.

  8. Love your videos and have been watching u for a little while now… this… this stuff is what needs to get out there. Sorry but I feel that these people need to come to the US and seek asylum/refugee status. Not the caravan people that have come and are still coming to the US. Sorry not sorry to say that

  9. I don't condone murder or what is happening to the farmers in SA but white folks are too good at playing victim, you raped, killed and stole for centuries from every corner of the world including wiping out entire populations of indigenous people in some places. Karma is a bitch!

  10. It's saddening that people are being attacked and killed just because of their race. Like don't be holding onto the past as an excuse to be an asshole to others because of their race. If some people are willing to learn and be taught how to do something productive then go ahead and help your nation improve and prosper. There's always going to be assholes everywhere. You shouldn't be punishing someone base on their race at all. Different parts of the world need to improve for the better of the citizens. No matter what your race is we should be helping each other out if needed to, but not dividing ourselves up. Unity can help bring more people together. The past is the past and the future is the future.

  11. I'm African and surprised how Europeans tell the Colonial history of Africa as if they belonged there. Africa as a whole was originally the land of the blacks even before the beginning of civilization, civilization already existed and in some countries like Ethiopian, Civilization and governance was fully established . Europeans stole the land by taking advantage of the illiterate locals including tans of Gold and minerals still stuffed in Europe to date . It's only fair to give the locals whats theirs.

  12. Hey Lauren. I shared your documentary so many times that Facebook unfortunately banned me from sharing it further. I think the ban is temporary and I will continue to share as soon as I am able to again. Thanks for the work you have done for the South African people.

  13. I think the average American black person can relate. For all white Americans watching, this is how it may be for some blacks in America. Murder,rape, condemnation, all of these things. No one deserves this shit.

  14. Reading this comments section is quite scary. So many people are accusing us white South Africans for bringing these murders and land expropriations on ourselves. Yes, Apartheid was a terrible time for non-whites in South Africa, but the general public is grossly misinformed. To avoid misunderstandings I speak only for myself and my family in saying the following: although I know this was not the norm, my grandparents (who were obviously white) lost land during Apartheid because the government seized it and gave it to non-whites. It was a terrible time for many South Africans, and my family was radically against what the government of the time was doing to blacks. After Apartheid, we provided free housing to blacks on our property even though we were not in a good financial position. Why, if as some people claim, we should suffer for the misdeeds "we" brought on non-whites, should my family suffer for what we were actively against? Today, I am in no way against black people because I know it is far from all of them that want us to suffer, yet those who do, want me to suffer simply because I was born white.

  15. why does Southern Lie so much in this film? Featherstone murder was a guy who used to work for them running away from the law, over a love dispute gone violent. returned to his work and tried to steal a gun before heading out. When he was discovered, he killed the witness and took off. This was not a racially motivated farm attack. Southern deeply lies and misrepresents facts to twist a narrative. and idiots eat it up without question. Check it yourself. Google the Featherstone case and read the court documents. This doc is all a lie

  16. I'm sure you're doing these ppl a massive favour by getting their stories out there. Alot of ppl in the world are not aware that this is going on in South Africa. I live in the UK and the only reason why I know about this issue is because of my husband's friend who is a South African who grew up on a farm. Their farm has been targeted numerous times. He witnessed his dad almost getting his hand chopped off just to get the watch he was wearing. I was quite shocked when I heard this because I had no clue!

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