Episode 15: Four Month Old Baby with Cancer in Both Eyes Benefits from Cannabis Oil

Listen to Liz from the United States (who does not want us to use her last name) whose baby was diagnosed with cancer in both eyes (retinal blastoma) at 4 …


  1. Thank you for this interview. I was diagnosed with Stage III Cervical Cancer in 1996. When I tried to find out how I got this cancer the "specialist" attributed it to my level of cleanliness, the fact that women in 3rd world countries don't see their doctors often enough and the best was when he got angry with my questions and told me that I was over 40, had my children and didn't need those parts anyway. That was their justification for cutting me up like a Christmas Turkey and french frying me to death with chemo and radiation. They were going to perform a radical hysterectomy with the removal of all my lymphatic system as well as chemo and/or radiation. When I asked why the "and/or" component of chemo and radiation, the doctor told me that they didn't know what would work. I was also refused my right to a second medical opinion because I was a single parent on welfare. Needless to say I ran away from the "Dr. Mengala's" for over a year and beat the cancer by smoking Texada Time Warp at night so I could sleep and my body could heal. The doctor chased me down and scared me into coming into his office because as he said, we have to do something about this. I insisted and finally won my right to a second medical opinion which said that I DID NOT NEED a radical hysterectomy with the removal of my lymphatic system as well as chemo or radiation. The only reason I gave in to a hysterectomy was so that I would never bring another child into this crazy world. Moving to Victoria in 2013 was a Goddess Send as I became involved with the Sensible BC campaign, heard Rick Simpson speak when he was at the Shoal Centre in Sidney, and became a member of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club as well as the Vancouver Island Compassion Society. I have had excellent results using the edibles and the topical products from both these clubs, for a myriad of health issues. Instead of using 15 or 16 pharmaceuticals for all my health issues, I use one wonderful healing herb – cannabis. I even use Rick Simpson Oil, or a derivative of, as I have recently been informed that I have heart disease and a couple of spots on my brain and lungs. I refuse to use the pharmaceuticals and will see what the prognosis is in January when I see the neurologist. In the meantime I am very proud to say that I am a member of the board of the VICS. I am so very happy to say that I recently turned 64 as I never thought I would make it past 42. Cannabis is a god given plant, a wonderful healing herb and should be decriminalized. Made totally legal for possession and consumption. Justin Trudeau's Prohibition 2.0 phony legalization only created over 40 more ways to incarcerate or fine cannabis patients such as myself if we don't use the Health Canada approved poisoned product. Now the idiot stick is trying to make all cannabis recreational only so he can get more tax dollars and keep Big Pharma happy. He's worse than his father who created the conditions which empowered the RCMP to set up and bust young people, as they did to me in 1973. Thank you for this show and thank you Corrie for speaking out on your cancer journey.

  2. 17:38 = this is the mechanism = Role in hippocampal neurogenesis

    In the adult brain, the endocannabinoid system facilitates neurogenesis ("birth of new neurons") of hippocampal granule cells[32][33]. In the subgranular zone of the dentate gyrus, multipotent neural progenitors (NP) give rise to daughter cells that, over the course of several weeks, mature into granule cells whose axons project to and synapse onto dendrites on the CA3 region[34]. Very recent data suggests that the maturing granule cells are dependent on a reelin, a molecular guidance cue, for proper migration through the dentate gyrus (Gong et al., 2007). NPs in the hippocampus have been shown to possess FAAH and express CB1 and utilize 2-AG (Aguado et al., 2005). Intriguingly, CB1 activation by endogenous or exogenous promote NP proliferation and differentiation; this activation is absent in CB1 knockouts and abolished in the presence of antagonist (Aguada et al., 2005; Jiang et al., 2005).

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