Australian Federal Police speak on ACT Personal Cannabis Use Bill

This was taken from from the ACT committee hearing on 26th of March 2019. Health, Ageing and Community Services – Inquiry into Drugs of Dependence …


  1. Didn't do much home work at all, let alone on the facts about cannabis. Spewing propaganda rhetoric continuing to try demonising cannabis. Why do they claim they can step in with federal law when they won't protect children from paedophiles when the Family Court makes the kids live with their abusers?
    Driver testing for thc is a law based on discrimination!

  2. Decriminalise…. stop the war, on a GOD given herb, that has been used for thousand of years… oh our voices appear again ignored … thanks for NOTHING …. TRUMP help ,have we a swamp?

  3. The committee is super critical of those opposing the bill and while I understand the concerns raised… The system is worse as is atm. With decriminalisation there are work arounds.

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