(April fools 2019) NotParadox is Quitting HotS to make Bonsai Trees.

It has been a been a fun one, but some things just have to come to and end. Check out my video from last year around this time: …


  1. God damn! Since I watched this video youtube decided I'm a gardener, getting spammed with "how to cut a bonsai tree" "how to grow your own veggies" etc. Goes to show how sensitive youtube algorithms are? 😀

  2. Holy fudging hell,I thought you were going to leave hots, been watching your videos for tips on how to use heroes.
    Thank you commenters for reminding me for April.. Gaahh jeez

    But srsly though.. Next hero is.. Dw? Or is it still a prank

  3. The game has turned into Heroes of the Skins. There is so much shit in this game that no one cares about, sometimes I’ve been playing lately and in some team fights can’t tell who’s who, I swear one of the Muradin skins looks just like Uther and theirs a Garrosh one that looks too much like it could be a Thrall, anyone know if in pro games they can force player models? I know we see the skins (advertising) but do the players?

  4. so, you've helped me in hots, and I actually was curious about bonsai trees and this video has been informative! I know its a joke, but I actually would like more bonsai content

  5. Nice video. I actually quit HOTS….now studying to be a pilot….it was a toss between game stress or work toward my family and I future…well I took the hard way. You guys keep playing. I do miss playing but I will take a long break.

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