Anderson .Paak on Oxnard, Mac Miller + Ric Flair goes Rolex Shopping | Open Late w Peter Rosenberg

This week, Rosenberg sits down with Anderson .Paak to discuss his upcoming album “Oxnard,” his special relationship with Mac Miller and more. Plus, Joey …


  1. /Anderson Paak looks like Malcolm X

    /xxx was gifted, my opinion is that he did not reach legendary status and should only be compared to Malcolm to explain why

    /Macs soul is kept alive because EVERYBODY loves and misses him

  2. thank you Rosenberg for continuing to speak with people about Mac’s death and not just treating it like a momentary headline. you seem to truly understand his significance.

  3. I rate you for holding Azaelia Banks up. She's badder than every female rapper (and most of the men) that have come up in the last decade. But her mouth is wild and her mind if troubled. Damn shame.

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