Addicted In Kirkland

As modern medicine’s understanding of addiction has matured the United States criminal justice system has not kept up with the program, and until very recently, …


  1. I honestly don't think there's any worse disease than drug addiction with the worse being opioid. My daughter was 18, a senior in high school and pregnant. One night at a friend's house she fell and burned her hand really bad on a kerosene heater. The next day I took her to the E.R. they prescribed her 10 mpg. Percocet. I didn't understand the drug addiction or I would have ripped it up.About 5 months later she was VERY sick one morning, I thought the pregnancy was the reason but that's when she told me, ever since she got Percocet she had been going to Dr's to get more but now she couldn't find a Dr to write any more. She should have NEVER been given a narcotic at age 18, she admitted to me that the burn really didn't hurt. Drug addiction is sad and a disease it doesn't discriminate. You could be a millionaire or homeless it doesn't matter.

  2. They should pass law making it legal for parents to put their useless drug addicted criminal kids through a wood chipper and get them out of their lives…

  3. For those wondering, YES, this is in Kirkland, WA. On multiple occasions Mr. Strungout refers to Everett, Juanita, and Bellevue. The Value Village and Starbucks they're talking about is in Totem Lake off 124th St.

  4. Until you have been addicted to anything you have absolutely no idea. ‘Normal’ people become addicted to prescription meds all the time. The difference is society. Where in society you sit. If you have money addiction is no problem. Neither is the treatment.

    Try detoxing off medication you need for chronic back pain. When you have been on it for 7 years you are dependant on it. Believe me it is hell on earth.
    Dont look down on addiction from your lofty perches. You may get knocked off them sometime.

  5. Well, his first legible statement summed up the whole thing… "He was supposed to give me my shit". What more they need to know? LOL. I Live in Yakima WA. About 3 hours from this guy. We are the drug hub of the USA. This guy makes our druggies look like upstanding citizens.

  6. What makes my blood boil is, the state will pay for druggies medication YET people who have cancer have to die or mortgage their homes to get treatment. These pos cause their problems and we are to feel sorry for them 🤔 The people who develop cancer don’t , I feel no sympathy 😡for him.

  7. I watched a documentary about people dying after being arrested because they go through withdrawal and are left isolated or without help because they are just a "junkie" to the staff instead of people who have families. Anyways they die from dehydration from sweating, puking, and shitting themselves literally to death without any medical staff monitoring them. I think every jail or prison should take a urine test and the people who test positive for a drug should be monitored in a medical clinic in the jail until they are safe to be placed in the general population areas.

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