420: Thousands rally in Melbourne for the legalisation of cannabis

More than 1000 people gathered in the Flagstaff Gardens on Friday for the annual 420 rally, which celebrates marijuana. Greens Senator Richard Di Natale …

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  1. well got pulled over here in Australia by the cops i do not have any record except for a speeding fine or 2 get my licence out to give to them when they get to my window he asked me to count to 10 with his little device in hand i get to 7 when he looses interest and starts asking me about cannabis (now i have to say i do smoke but only sometimes after i get home from work and on the weekend ) then i get asked if i mind if they search my car after asking me to empty my pockets i'm thinking wtf and say knock yourselves out go for it now my work car isn't the cleanest a few drink bottles and shit they rummage around for a bit working from the front of the car to the back all the time i'm watching and wondering how the hell did they come the conclusion that there must be something in my car or on me i mean i just finished work driving to the shop and now this.
    i'm a honest easy going guy pretty much just ask me a question and i will answer it even to the police minding that i do not say anything stupid lol after they finished going threw my car my pockets and every nook and cranny of my wallet and phone case they start asking me do i smoke weed yea only on the weekend pretty much do you use other drugs no fuck that shit do you drink alcohol na not in years will have a beer every now and then with the boys after work but only 1 they asked a few more questions then they went on there way after about 45 min seriously hope they pass the bill here to make it legal so the cops can stop wasting there time and our time/money on something that isn't all that bad for you smoking cannabis or anything has it's own down side no matter what it is hell even drinking to much water can kill you look it up its amazing.
    it will allow them to focus on more important issues and the shit that can and does kill people not to mention the benefits to cannabis for food,fuel,textiles,medical and therapeutic uses it will save and make the government money makes me wonder what there thinking keeping it illegal guys chill out the world wont end when it is made legal there will not be riots in the streets like i'm convinced they think will happen a few people will try it for sure but it will only be some one that has been interested in it before hand and a tip if you are going to try cannabis for fun try joints first and then move on trust me if you smash a edible for your first experience most likely it wont be a good experience i can promise you
    P.S sorry for the long winded story and shitty grammar grow your own i do not buy or sell and there is no reason for getting caught in a car with it and so there was no chance for them to find anything in the first place.

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