🌿(ACB) Aurora Stock Update | ACB Coming To Germany 🇩🇪

Aurora (ACB) stock got a boost after the marijuana company announced it was one of three firms selected to cultivate and distribute medical in Germany.


  1. Thank you Jeff for the video.Since i m European let me point that the cultivation of marijuana is old news in EU. Eg : RECREATIONAL MJ. IS LEGAL IN HOLLAND for over 50 YEARS first "coffee shops" opened 1975. . Swiss Danish German MJ companies are preparing IPOS. etc So why Canadian companies are so hyped since they cant grow nothing at -10c/14f degrees , beats me. Here is one EU listed co STENOCARE https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/STENO:SS .

  2. short all these pot trashes. CRON is the best one has basically no revenue probably will never be profitable yet billions in market cap. May as well slap a million dollar valuation on my lemonade stand while we're at it.

  3. ACB is WAY over diluted and should not be compared to CGC in any way shape or form. The reality is that ACB will not be seeing a profit for most likely 10 yrs.

  4. Good video brother! Solid information

    I still hold 500 shares of acb at average price of $13.11… am not sure if I should sell it and then wait for a pull back!! I got tgod & zena too! All red ! Any feedback would be appreciated! I know ur not an adviser and provide information for entertainment purposes

  5. Every day a put an order to buy more ACB at 8.25. Im looking for the gap to fill. I may be foolish but there is a super high percentage of all gap ups to be filled. ACB has got what it takes and I still have my core position at around 5. Also have you seen Valens grow works? VGWCF, Im in this one as well as CGC

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