1. I have it in my head. All over the top. I feel so alone. Noone has answers for me. Only when around mold. I dont want brain cancer..or a stroke. Trying to get away from it. I also have multiple chemical sensitivity. Been on keto for 2 years. Lost alot of weight, one meal a day. I do also have an old whiplash injury .

  2. ive had excruciating pain all over my body (bone/ muscle/ everything) and sometimes i would feel numb and extremely rarely I wouldn’t be able to walk
    I think maybe it’s because i need more vitamin bs?

  3. My question is how obesity factors in. I am morbidly obese.
    I checked every box except alcohol and chemotherapy. And I've always been moderate to very low carb, always my weight has fluctuated according.

  4. I started developing terrible pain in my finger with numbness and very cold then spread to the other fingers. Also tiredness and joint pain. It seemed so random and sudden. Then I remembered I had started taking b complex so I looked up a video in which a Dr. said that some people react differently to b vitamins and advised to stop taking it if it caused numbness or pain. I stopped taking it and all the pain and numbness disappeared. He even said that a patient started having MS symptoms which went away after stopping b vitamins. Remember to listen to your body because we are all different and our systems react differently.

  5. Im SUFFERING from this exact thing.
    Im not on chemo, eat healthy, workout rregularily, dont take any drugs not even Ibuprofen or tylenol unless absolutely necesary.
    I frequently supplement with omega 3s or eat canned salmon.
    But my hands " fall sleep" several times each night and i sometimes need to get up walk around and flex and shake my hands to get the feeling to go away.
    i have a 2 lb bag of yeast flakes and use them liberally on healthy salads like Dr Berg recomends about 3 to 4 times a week.
    I also follow a low carb diet for about 80 % of my meals.
    I do IF about 2 to 3 times a week and use keto bulletproof coffee to to either replace BF or skip BF entirely and use bulletproof coffee in place of dinner.
    I also take methocobolamin vit b several times a week sublingually b4 swallowing, in a 2.5 mg serving. SECRET 12
    Sometimes my hands even fall asleep driving , sometimes just long drives45 to75 min, sometimes with tight gloves on or tight clothing

    Im not an alcholic but do have 3 to 8 drinks at least once per wkend sometimes twice.

    So why am i still suffering from this?

  6. I had a very bad strain in my neck that was so painful I wanted to die. After several weeks the pain subsided and the numbness in my left thumb and pointer was like I had a stroke. For 2 years I could not hold anything but started gaining strength. 4 years now and I still feel something like numbness, no pain but I try to do stretching and qigong every day. I didn't think it was related but I'll take the cod liver oil, kelp, B complex and electrolytes more religiously. B's are great for the tension in my neck. Cutting out coffee would help I know.

  7. Couldn't come at a better time. I've had tingling in my right leg for years. Been checked for diabetes but all good. Do have high fasting blood glucose tho. Current remedy is to stick to keto and cut back alcohol until a cause is found.

  8. Hi Dr Berg, I'm 40, insulin resistant and dairy intolerant, I am estrogen dominent and my overies not producing enough progesterone I just got off HRT, my gallbladder has been removed and cannot tolerate red meat Beef more than lamb. I've been on keto since 2 months now and able to do IF and 2 meals a day, although when I tried a prolonged fast I was hypoglycemic at 30 hours of fast with chills and great fatigue and adrenalin peeks. I continued up to 40 hours but did not feel I benefited from it, also my appetite is always there cannot reduce quantities to loose weight, did not loose 1 kilo since the start and I'm intolerant to K2 vitamine gives me gas. What's the solution for me please. I'm in Saudi please let me know how to contact you

  9. Can weed cause this? Because on keto I’d smoke everyday for 30 days to cure my anxiety which it did, but now I have ironically anxiety.

    It’s either from weed, or the correlation of weed making me not want to eat because it’s one of the only depressants that doesn’t activate your parasympathetic nervous system.

  10. ALA, DHA, and EPA along with B-vitamins has greatly helped me with these symptoms. And I feel the effects of B-vitamins in minutes and the fish oils in hours. Vitamin C seems to help also.

  11. Great video, thank you. By the way, could you please advise on the benefits of supplementing with Silica and safe dosage? I take a liquid form at 50ppm. Merci, Lyndon Hudson

  12. Husband has femoral neuropathy from car accident, has a very hot burning shooting pains very intermittent, sometimes 2 a day sometimes 10, Drs told him nothing you can do for it

  13. I have numbness on my teeth (area) from hit.. (hate crime)😑
    I'm not sure yet if is only the 'cover' or the actual nerve.. (=chance of nerve rebuild or no chance)
    Any recommendations from a diet stand point?

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