T’Was The 4th Day Of Flowering – Grow Journal Update

Today on Lex’s World I update you on how our little CBD/Green House Seed Co grow journal has been doing; the humidity issues have taken their toll on some …


  1. Hi Lex may I ask you about the new Mars Hydro TS1000 great new white led only £120.00 pound draws just under 140 watts at the wall great par readings. Would love too know your thoughts. Alan

  2. Really really need to know more about brick packed weed thats all I can get ahold of on my reservation. And more on maybe should I tweek the amounts when I make butter or oils. Plz help

  3. Lex… How do you feel about using CO2 water… I’m currently in week 3 mid week of flower… I added carbonated water to the plant and it seemed to confuse it. The plant began folding upwards which I have pictures of and the soil got aerated very nicely. When I woke up this morning, they were praying and seemed to be very happy 🤷🏼‍♂️

  4. Hello man,great vid as always!
    You believe that this problems that you have ,except the N toxicity,its cause from the low humidity and only?!
    Sometimes In some strains I've notice the same symptoms and deficiency's that you have in this lady's..
    In the bottom I start to believe that humidity have exactly the same important influence in our plants as the temperature!

  5. Hey man, love the channel. ya the video did seem a little low maintenance but it wasn't too short, i was happy with the update. I'm super happy that you've chosen this light ,I'm actually looking into getting this light my self, so I'm really looking forward to this grow and am checking back frequently because I'm eager to see how it dose at the end, and dude your really good at explaining everything , an update every week or so would be super dope and would really love if you started doing a lot more grows!!

  6. I think they look pretty dang good with the humidity being so low. Maybe when it's a winter grow you should go hydroponic just since it tends to keep the humidity up especially if you use grow bags. Still looks great though and I am going to try the clip technique when my girls are ready. Another great video Lex.

  7. Showing signs of toxicity, during low humidity you have to water alot to keep medium moist, when this occurs if u keep the same ppm on nutes ur adding more nutes than plants use, so you get build up in the medium. Those deficiencies you see are signs of nutrient lock out from excessive salt built up in medium.

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