There’s No Hiding Drug Driving

The Gardaí are now testing drivers for drugs. And there’s a new resource to help them catch drug drivers: the Drager Drug Test 5000. Now, they’ll be able to take …


  1. How long does coke stay in your saliva. Say if you took a gram on friday night.. How long before you could drive and not get a positive reading on this test… asking for a friend

  2. It can be detected in the blood for 2 weeks. If you don't want to lose your job and your life switch to coke or speed which is gone in mere hours a safety message from the RSA

  3. PASS A ROADSIDE SALIVA TEST: By far the best deterrent is an Irish product called Keltic Mist, just developed for the Irish market, where the cops are saliva testing many young drivers. Comes in a neat 10 ml bottle that you keep handy (Shirt breast pocket, near gear stick, glove compartment) and just spray 10 drops into your mouth, swish for about 10 seconds and spit residue into a tissue. Its that simple. They even give you a free saliva drug tester, similar to the one the police use and they give a 100% guarantee. Go unto their Facebook page: Keltic Mist..You wont regret this.

  4. I'm an engineer, and I did some work in the past in relation to road safety and I wrote a number of papers on these issues, but I can categorically say THIS IS A STEP TOO FAR – and it's certainly not in the interest of road safety! THIS IS WRONG

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