The Sudden Rise Of Liberal Fascism & Ireland is Officially Full with An Fomhar

The Neoliberal Globohomogayplex has gone into overdrive deplatforming people and silencing people and even getting speakers banned from Europe. this all …


  1. Nice stream mate, multiculturalism doesn't work! Leo needs to be thrown in the ocean he's a scumbag! EU's little bitch! Ireland is gone to the dogs now thanks to that prick!

  2. Hi celtiqued, was there no stream from yourself and the Don tonight? Hope you're both well. Might there be a stream tomorrow? This country is growing worse by the day…..

  3. Equally horrific, is the mass murder of christians in nigeria, MSM Is not reporting these every day horrors by evil ( christianaphobes) all muslims, the murder of coptic christians in egyph, by muslim christianaphobes, not reported by MSM, women and children murdered by muslim christianaphobes.

  4. Lmao your argument that Irish people aren't white (European) because white people have privilege and Irish people don't makes zero sense, first thing Irish people are Celtic and the Celts are white (European) secondary white privilege doesn't even exist.

  5. I'm english( if I'm allowed to say it) and I've never been to Ireland but I've heard it's beautiful and the irish are lovely people so i must visit….anyway all i can say is the mainstream media should hang their heads in shame for not telling the truth. They absolutely disgust me. It's the same here in England, it's as though it's a crime to be white…..we don't have a voice anymore

  6. At the bank of Ireland cash machine today, was greeted by a black female face on the screen. Where is my home, when it is gone for me. I don't have a culture to go back to, this is my culture. You left your culture, it will always be there for you to go back to.

  7. We need to get rid of all existing Political parties as we know of here and replace with a complete new system of Government that act in the peoples interests and not the elite or Brussels

  8. O!!! Plz kin people…remember!! They wnt stop and do somthin honest!! No!! They will cheat theys communists in!! The hatred of white people is mixed up in it too!!!! My kin come from Dery? Or Derry?? ….suzan

  9. Bein 55% irish ( 45% French frog ) hahaha I reckon I can giv an opinion…..these traitors of evil ( u shud see the ones in this country) are winning. First we gotta say that truth to ourselves. Them ther countries in Africa r uncivilized and hav no social skills and!!! Hate u…and!!! R jealous of u!!!! It ain't changin cept to get worse. Plz all of us…we r to get fit ( for those that need to) stick together…prepare ( food and water and other stuff) and b ready. ITS TOO FAR GONE TO GO BACK TO OLD WONDERFUL AMERICA…AND YALL TOO!!!!!! THEY HAVE WEAPONIZED EVERTHING FROM ALL SIDES!!!!! we gotta kno the truth so we can plan. They was more irish slaves then black!!!!!! That needs to b on mainstream….and it was the muslims who was majority slavers…..NOT US!!!! That all needs to go on media som how. Ur kin and friend, suzan

  10. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE….vote out your traitorous, Marxist governments & bring in people who care about the Irish people & the country. Or stand as candidates yourself …get active, if not already. Friends in NI can join or support ForBritain. Check out their manifesto! Good luck to our Irish friends.

  11. Even if those numbers towards the end, of people in The Mediterranean were correct, it still doesn't matter. Over 6,000 Christians have been killed by Muslims since January…. And the things happening to whites in South Africa is absolutely horrendous!
    And none of these so-called "compassionate people" or bleeding-heart liberals, give a shit.

    And, nothing will convince these people to go back to their countries willingly. They see our lands & our people (especially our women) as a prize, and consider it conquest and domination… And they get away with things that we never could.
    So people that think welfare is the only thing keeping them, are wrong. It's gonna get much worse than most realize.

  12. "The Neoliberal Globohomogayplex"

    Holy shit, you've got more mental sickness than Donald Trump going on in that head of yours mate. Contact your GP now, treatment is possible. Do not feel embarassed, you don't have to suffer like this.

  13. these same political wasters like provo sinn fein, will continue to gang together after the main general election. so no matter who gets in we are fucked . the head in the sand irish are to blame for that . they are more interested in the pint and a betting slip than whats happening to this country, sleepwalking idiots

  14. THIS government want your country to bow down to them also england scotland and wales there working with the eu and aka brussels want to tell you what laws you have in your country and if you speak out you are a racist a nazi ect people need to wake up or your country will not be your country same as england and wales and scotland

  15. First time watching lads and thank you for getting on and talking about these issues.. I tuned out of Irish politics years ago with rte and gobshitefm's across the country driving me off. Listening to you now actually helps me shed my apathy. I really appreciate your effort lads, subscribed.

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