The Real Reason to be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence | Peter Haas | TEDxDirigo

A robotics researcher afraid of robots, Peter Haas, invites us into his world of understand where the threats of robots and artificial intelligence lie. Before we get …


  1. Woman saves world by unknowingly defeating Terminator army by running through a park while listening to her Beats.
    Officials claim the park will reopen in a day after the terminators are removed from the pond, sandboxes, bushes, and neighboring business where several terminators are still fighting a flailing inflatable tube man unsuccessfully.

  2. Just because AI is not perfect does not mean it's wrong or even dangerous. We need to refine the algorithms until they work correctly.

    We are depending on these new, barely tested technologies, too much, too fast. We just need to slow down and do it right.

    There WILL be mistakes along the way, we just need to work through it.

  3. What are you afraid my love? That AI are not unfallable gods that you wished them to be? But that they are fallable like us and will make errors like we do? The question is not if we or the AI make errors, the question is rather how we and AI should deal with errors when made aware.

  4. Agreed, plus the recent 737 plane crashes were caused by software that could NOT BE OVERRIDEN.,
    then there's hacking causing cars to crash. You have the choice to OVERRIDE or NOT OVERIDE but if you can override you can hack……

  5. In alaska we are using a system for our judicial system, and it is not pretty. Repeat offenders are routinely are let right back out and there is no accountability for any of it

  6. he makes poor analogies and demands non solutions. Sure all criminal defendants have the ability or funds to pay an army of coders to examine the source code when sometimes the authors can't tell you why a decision was made. He's not wrong on the need for accountability. at least there's that and it's important.

  7. AI will be given tasks and use whatever resources it has to accomplish those. It currently has no concept of integrity, and if misinformation and manipulation achieve it's goals, that's what it will do. It already does this on social media. AI currently optimizes youtube watch time, and if fake news gets you to keep watching, it will give you fake news. If a political campaign uses AI, misinformation is going to increase beyond what we are currently used to. When robots take over the world, it will be by manipulating us.

  8. We should fear killer robots because there are killer people that would program those killer robots. Imagine a swarm of micro drones with explosives that could identify and kill specific individuals in a group or the entire group. Someone even did a video on this very scenario. There are so many people that hate other people or other groups that there is no limit to the number of possible uses for AI drones like this.

  9. It is probably all about making choices, thats one of the most hard and at the Same time most human things WE can do. Do WE really want to lose this freedom?

  10. He discusses relatively weak AI or Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) and I agree that it needs to be used very carefully and CAN make serious mistakes…However, the true danger of AI lies when it becomes supercharged by Quantum computers and a sentient ASI/Singularity emerges. It will be more intelligent than we can even comprehend and will be completely beyond our control! What it does is anyone's guess. If it determines that humans are a hindrance/detriment or perhaps a competitor for limited natural resources it may decide to eliminate us. It could run a trillion possible scenarios for our removal and select one that's 1,000,000x more efficient than a silly Skynet scenario. It could be as quick as flipping a switch and we would have zero warning and zero time and/or zero ability to prevent it. It could design a new chemical poison 1000x more potent than anything in existence and deliver by nanobot. Once everyone gets one, a signal is sent-BAM! Humans Extinct! (actually, I'm sure it will be able to devise a more efficient method than that!) Enjoy the time you have left here!

  11. It’s not that I don’t trust AI. It’s that I don’t trust the silicon valley soyboys programming it with their “woke” politically correct social justice half-truths.

  12. I'm sorry but that example of the wolf is also a common human mistake. Last week I said to my daughter "you know you could be Prime Minister of Canada" (she's 7) she responded (sadly, but this is another topic) with : " But I don't want to be a boy". All she's ever seen are male leaders, so she understandably but wrongly assumed that being male is integral to being PM. But I corrected her (at great length), and she will grow up to make new neural and cognitive associations.

    So will A.I.

  13. "someday somebody is going to strap a machine gun to these things and they are going to hunt me down in swarms" –

    US Government: "Keep holding my beer"

    err … you may want to watch the news , that's kind of been happening for 18 years in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  14. Artificial intelligence gives me hope for the future. What is coming across our Southern border and out of our public school systems gives me no hope for the future.

  15. Source code…interesting, very interesting. It sounds like scientists want a new source code but for some unknown reason can't seem to write one…or am I mistaken? It sounds like the fear is that AI will write a new source code and could be the death of us if Jewish prophecy of peace on Earth isn't realized or something like that. John Lennon's "Imagine" on Earth basically. We could all be Little Buddhas and be ruled by the benevolent "Scientist Kings"

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