1. Doug you are absolutely right …he is a softie ass little bitch . Bought out by corporation he is fake and only worried about his vegan shit shake and bank account. He is not giving a fuck about players .

  2. well, i have no online access to poker (thanks DOJ ). if it isnt in a Casino, im just outta luck.. but, PS seems to now have gone the way of Microsoft.. who says " Hey, you WILL buy our product, or else…" as if you have a real option out there for anyone other than a tech-head. you dont. your stuck, they know it.
    PS is doing the same thing. they are now the big fish in the pond. DNegs is arguably the most recognizable face of poker now that there is.. he can be quite charming, witty, smiling, friendly, approachable…
    all the while, he is getting a pat on the back and 7 figure paycheck for DOING just that. keeping up the goodwill for PS while they totally hose 90% of their players, basically saying…" So… like you have a choice ??".. this asinine "More Rake is better" crap is the WORST bald faced lie since " I DIDNT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN"….
    Like Dnegs as a Poker player.. but, his politics, his PS allegiance, outright lying and defending their practices, pretty much puts him in the same category as someone like Obama saying you can keep your Dr,, that your insurance rates wont go up..that it will still be affordable…


  3. the higher the rake PS charges, the easier it makes it for new entrants to come and try to steal market share from them. I don't see it as a bad thing. Just temporary discomfort.

  4. Thanks Doug. Seriously. All jokes aside, you are a good dude. That values doing the right thing. Thanks for all your hard work for the community. After this, I go back to trolling but we can all see that you care dearly about the poker climate and the future. And have probably passed up money to do the right thing. Respect Doug.

  5. Why doesn't a pokersite inforce a webcam in order to play? You don't have to have it displayed the cam feed to other players but your required to have one on this way there can be a system in place to catch bots playing without a player at the screen??? Just an idea

  6. If you think its bot simple ask the player to repeat a simple code if it does not answer within say 4 asks then its should be booted from game that should be an easy program for these big sites to make , what you think?

  7. It’s bad enough we have to fight the government to get online poker in all states. Even worse we have to fight poker stars and other sites for trying to squeeze every nickel out of the players pockets

  8. I really have to commend you guys for doing the right thing. The poker industry is very ugly and you've helped expose the bad guys and even the so-called "Good guys". Great fg job guys. Totally support you. (Will follow your crypto progress).

  9. My best times in poker have been playing poker low stake in Vegas with random strangers not knowing what is instore for the next few hours and they turn out to be cool people and you have a blast. Pokerstars should be known as a gambling site and not called a poker site. I know of people who enter pokerstars website to play poker and end up losing loads on casino games and slots. However the online world is so unregulated which people like when it suits them (E.g. crypto currencies). The largest live poker room in the uk forces packages on tournament players as part of their prize when a 888 tournament is coming up, wtf if I pay my rake why should my buy in be used to promote a massive multi millions pound company. Ironically hippodrome casino this weeks £170 buy in has a $30,000 package added to the prize pool for the winner which is an old school good promotion so now although I find myself not playing pokerstars I am now happy because is suits me personally to play a game backed by the robbers. Maybe poker should be just a recreational game

  10. Have a cardroom that places a headcam on every player so we all see what each other sees. Button on headcam to momentarily disconnect the live feed while checking hole cards. Simple….and you would have "LIVE" play with anyone in the world. One could add one more layer and have your computer cam watching the player during the brief time they check their hole cards. This can be easily implemented. Look at all the gear that gamers have. Could we not step up to the plate and insure fair play in an arena we hope to make money in???? How much trouble would it be to do a beta testing trial using this concept. Once in, the players would be dedicated and repeat customers because they could trust in idea that this format provides the safest and fairest playing field.

  11. Hey Doug! I'm a huge fan of yours! How come you're not challenging LIBRATUS??? Being one, if not the best Heads up player and at the top of your game, I was quite sad not to see you challenge the "evil computer" (the other guys all lost, btw)… Time for you to stand for humanity and prove all these nerds that unlike chess, poker can't be reduced to a simple algorythm… You're our last hope! Anyway, truly like your channel, amazing content and learnt a lot through your hand analyses! please, don't stop!

  12. What about a single headcam that allows other players to see what you see…live.  Have a mirror near the computer monitor to validate correct and proper wear of the headcam???  The headcam would be equipped with a button that would allow you to see your hand momentarily while blocking the live feed….then back to the live feed.

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