Thailand's Marijuana Legalization Movement | HIGHLAND | Episode 1 (Origins) Excerpt

Thailand legalized medical marijuana in late 2018. In early 2017, Coconuts TV produced a docu-series – now available exclusively on Netflix – called …


  1. Nice vid mate. But…please correct me someone(?) if I'm wrong but the name of the country is pronounced Laos as in "wow" not as in "louse".

  2. i smoked 2016 some thai weed in bangkok and phuket,weed looked shitty ,had some seeds,was pressed to a block and had some red thin string in it that you have to pull out of the block.BUT:it was sticky AF,smelled good and the turn was like i have smoked cannabis the first time!!!it was fuggin awesome,triplike.i tasted awesome.i smoke good shit regularly,so no firsttimer,but this shit was otherworldly good.throwed 6 seeds loose in my backpack on the flight home,thought"oh my god,i need this strain!!!",but none of these mofos germinated!!!!thai weed is good shit.

  3. Hello, i am traveling to phuket very soon and am interested to know how i can smoke weed in thailand and can still obey the law given this new legislation. I have been a medical card holder from my home town of los angeles california for many years and use it to treat serious medical conditions. Given the new laws, is MMJ available to foreigners, and can a doctors prescription from another country make me eligible for this or do i need to also see a doctor in phuket?

    Please let me know as i would just like to treat my PTSD without resorting to harder drugs like benzodiazepines that can be far more addictive and it is my every intention to adhere to thai law.

  4. 10 bucks for a kilo? WOW :))) I estimate a kilo of quality bud nowadays would be about 5 000 – 10 000 euro around here… mindblowing difference. Just shows what making it illegal does to its price. So really really bad people can make profit on an essential herbal cure …

  5. its ironic that the anti cannabis movement came form the west and now the dumb white fucks have woken up the pro cannabis movement is coming from the west

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