Strain Review – Banana Punch

Hey YouTube, I’m back again with another video! For review today we have another exotic strain called Banana Punch! So sit back, smoke a joint and enjoy the …


  1. Hey bro, I'm smoking on some good old sour diesel in a king sized right now. I'm from northern Ireland, probably the least popular country in the world ahaha. But anyway another great review bro and I wouldn't mind seeing a class review sometime, I enjoy them alot!

  2. I have seen you review several different kinds of "strains"…do they really smell like their namesake says? Second, what are "nugs" comprised of? Is is the dried seed, bud or flower or compacted dry leaves? Third, of those "strains" you have tried, what was you most and least favorite? Fourth, since I have yet to smoked any cannabis, is there a beginner "strain"? Finally, should I experiment alone or with someone who has experience? Sorry for all the damn questions.

  3. Nice in-depth review mate I was just looking at a CBD version of this bud as it goes. Do you buy your bud from the dispensary's? Hope it's gonna be like this over here just go down the dispensary and choose some dank.
    from the UK smoking on CBD Gorilla Glue as I don't get along with THC strains that well anymore 🙁

  4. Dude, why do I even watch your videos 😂 every time i do, i want to smoke something of this quality even though it's just impossible here in Italy. The best thing I can get in my town is a really, really potent Hashish and i just can't stand it anymore😂
    Nice video as always dude! In my opinion, you should also review some more popular strains like purple haze or stuff like that, just for fun 👌 it would be cool to see your channel as a marjuana encyclopedia or something like that. Keep it on!

  5. Nice review as always man, umm is it possible to like show the grinding and rolling process? like can you talk about the smell while rolling if you know what i mean. and lately i bought some weed and it smelled like mango 😀 i was happy af to smoke some different shit, usually weed in here smells like crap xD much love from Tehran

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