Smoking pot while pregnant: A bad idea

Denver Health study finds nearly 70 percent of marijuana dispensaries are telling pregnant women to smoke marijuana to treat morning sickness. In this news …


  1. Haha! Don’t make a video then if your not sure of the exact measure of harm it will do. But study shows that it mayyy have potential risks of the development. I don’t like these mays and blatantly saying not enough research has been done. Depending on how you are exposing yourself to marijuana has a big factor to play. So I don’t think you can come to a conclusion yet FFFFYYYYIIII. if the woman are smoking out of a blunt, joint, bong.. or if you’re not smoking at all which is odviously better. when you smoke your depriving your lungs of air for a short pierod of time and that’s something to consider if you want to do that to your child too. Or even woman who drink canibis tea or essential oil , etc. But this is bs they want us to watch this for the stigma of ‘pot is bad’ lol this is hilarious. Marijuana has been used for thousands of years if not longer! used as a traditional ailment for pregnant woman expierencing nausea or morning sickness. The Egyptians and Native Americans used it and praised it for these benefits for goodness sake!! and there was a study around the 2000s I not gonna lie and say I know the exact year, butt.. They did a study of 30 Jamaican pregnant woman who all are daily consumers and 30 non-smokers from the United States… early study shows no significant difference in the babies cognition mobility reflexes , but the woman who did smoke their babies seemed to be a little more advanced. When the babies turned 4 there showed no differences once so everrr In allllll the 60 children

  2. I've asked Dr. Metz to come on my show to speak directly to mothers who choose cannabis while pregnant, and allow me to interview and talk with her about cannamamas' choice. She never responded. She will have to listen to cannamamas at some point. See you all next year at the capitol. Cannamamas are done living in fear, being silenced, threatened, and discriminated against.

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