Smoking CBD – A Weekend Vlog

For more: Get CBD delivered right to your door: This is my first ever daily life vlog, enjoy 🙂 I am very grateful for the …


  1. Hey Man, I a new FTM Youtuber . I love your videos. If you could, subscribe to my channel I would love to have you apart of my channel. Also, if you watch my video tomorrow you could win $100.00.

  2. I think I have never seen Reshi in its natural appearance. In no case did I see anyone adding it to coffee, who could have given testimony at least. My horizon is greatly expanded.

  3. Completely unrelated to this video, HOW can you handle wearing boots with zippers on the inside side??? I chafed and blistered SO BAD from them! I can't wear boots with zippers on the sides. I'll watch the rest of your video now………. OK, Back to your video and more thoughts… I'm allergic to gluten and soy products, what's the next best substitute? Yes, I'm watching and pausing your video to comment LOL! ACK!!! PAM spray is bad, it's spray silicone with artificial flavors, WHY would you spoil your food with that junk??!?! And liquid smoke? I'm dying here "natural hickory smoke flavor" is the worst tell tale "mystery ingredient" it could mean just about anything, they even use MSG as one of their chemicals… Dang, I sound like I'm bashing your choices, but I've been eating healthy and clean before and NEEDED further research into what the FDA passes off as "generally regarded as safe" in our foods, just because they just assume we will only use small quantities in our diets. (OFF MY SOAP BOX, berate me at will, I can take it! 🙂 )Does the potato and sweet potato pick up the flavors from what you already had in the pan? It really does look good (for all the crap I slung at you about the ingredients!) I promise I just have a general distrust of the food industry 😉 …Stove Schmove, if it works, it's worth keeping! Better than a brick oven outside with a fire under it in this cold weather lol! So far, you're making me crave Brussels sprouts and cabbage with a bit of (sorry) chicken… BUT, I have found a product made of mushroom and pea flour that is EXACTLY like meat, protein, texture, taste, everything, called "QUORN" It's my FAVORITE vegan "meat" and it made me actually feel better from my insides, no bad repercussions, I carved two loves to make it look like a turkey for thanksgiving because I'm a dork like that, and it was a huge hit! OK…Next segment, ever feel like doing a video on different mushrooms that aren't psychedelic, their benefits? We have a LOT of mushrooms growing on our 160 acres of "swampland" and have chaga and the whole bit, mushrooms we've never seen so we bought a mushroom book for the upper mid-west 🙂 I HOPE I don't trigger you, it was not my intent, just wanted to geek out on you about things I've found out in the past research that make me wake up and go "OMG!!! I can't believe I fell for that!!" please do more of these kinds of videos, and I hope CBD helps you, and that this mini-novel doesn't send you into a spiral, if it did, i apologize now and will never do it again, just let me know and I'll stop 🙂 I love your channel and don't want you to disappear again! INTERNET HUGS P.S. What the hell WAS a squirrel point anyways? VERY entertaining video, please do more!

  4. Long time no see, it's great to hear from you brother. In my opinion I like the vlog idea, I thought it was a refreshing switch up. . . I've been struggling pretty bad lately with managing the symptoms from my PTSD and just all around anxiety so I wanna say thank you for the cbd link I'm gonna give them a try and see if it helps. Thanks for the video it is appreciated as usual.

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