1. i think that richard ramirez mug shot or first image you show ,,, fuck if i wouldnt cross the street if i saw that freak show walking at me , he was one spooky looking cat … something bout the timing of those murderers also same time as those asassins ,fuck if i can spell it , chapman and hinkely went to the same whacky religous summer camps , also the hinkely mom and pop were having lunch at their buddies house vice pres bush when there son tried to make him president , news forgot to report that , kind of like the bin ladens tea and krumpets on 9/11 at the bushes before they were the only flight allowed up in the air on that very day

  2. Actually, dear ones, there are REALLY numerous sources – photos, videos – of BLACK GOO! I've seen several sources – A British soldier, sent to the Falklands (NO connection to any other black-goo person – brought it accidentally to Liverpool – got v. sick himself); then Harald, who has vids with globs of it he has found, and is/was studying……..Other people showing how it is on many statutes is Wash DC, and recently it is on vid in the Tomb of Osiris in Egypt !!!!!- REALLY – I just saw it a week ago!!! – I'll try to find the site & send you. Also, it is in the Mecca massive ceremony- they walk in circles, and kiss this black goo insert in the temple building. GO FIGURE! (There are more things in Heaven & Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy…" will shakespeare – whoever HE was….) cheers!!

  3. Oh Kev, I don't think Harald Klaus-Vela had anything against you (nor is he tied to Bases), but he is in his own realm – his brain is way far away ahead of most of ours, and he is NOT in the ego at all…… maybe if you see more of his deep deep vids, and ask him a question or two on his odd findings, you may get "open sesame"! You two would be awesome -BLACK GOO! YIKES……. cheers!

  4. Isn't any and every religion by definition "cult"?? I'm not knocking anyone's religion, nor my own, but seriously, it IS a "cult". No praise, no blame. OK to be a Pagan, or an Israelite, or Roman Catholic (OMG!) ………..AS LONG AS YOU honor, love, the GOOD……………anything about evil – no no no …………

  5. dave mcgowan who wrote the book on laurel canyon also wrote the book on serial killers:
    programmed to kill: the politics of serial murder
    basically we trained generations to murder in war, especially in vietnam, the phoenix program

  6. Interesting that perma culture popped up. My understanding is that it is about growing plants that cope well in the climate you are in and putting groups of plants together that compliment. Perma culture is in Glasgow Kev.

  7. Trying to prove anything of the conspiracy realm is like trying to prove I had breakfast on August 3rd, 1992. HOW DO YOU KNOW!?!?!?!? But I had to have eaten at some point around that date or I would not be here after starving to death. So….. proof! 😂

  8. ..::…
    When traveling on a thin sword it is best be floating.

    OPTV| Elana Freeland: Jumping The Space Fence – Segment 1

    … I think she is probably correct, there seems to be no stopping their ambitions and if this continues we must become like Buddhist monks who know their body/consciousness inside out … but unlike her thinking this takes a lifetime of practice and discipline … we as a populous are far away from such a high spiritual practices …

    Love is not pretending.

  9. Hey guys — love you sooo much. Kev's show has become a daily habit with me… I feel like i'm among family. I watch you from Iran and banking here cut off from rest of the world. If you know of a way I can somehow contribute, let me know please.

  10. That guy who killed those people was just another one of those targeted people the "Elite" were experimenting on, like the old MKUltra program (The goes by a different name now) Son of Sam was also the same, Bundy too…if you go into their back grounds Bundy and Sam were linked to strange Illuminati families and satanists. Most likely they have alters that were ritually abused, groomed, since childhood…Sam and Ted were both connected to CIA.SICK SICK SICK!!!

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