Number of packages mailed in Colorado with marijuana inside spikes

The number of packages found with marijuana being mailed from Colorado spiked in 2016, according to new numbers given to Denver7 Investigates by United …


  1. Well that guy only got a year in the feds while Johnny grow back in 1985 would have gotten the death penalty for growing a patch in which he thought was pot but was hemp haha

  2. Okay? So say u think this package got something in then u open it and find out that it’s nothing didt u just commit a federal crime by opening someone’s package? 🤔🤔

  3. Lies all you have to do is take the proper precautions when shipping it vacuum seals, serum rap, bubble folders etc it’ll float threw like fly in the wind I’m a witness 💯

  4. Instead of whining about why it should be legal, you all should make sure to fucking vote. Lots of whiskey drinking wife-beating politicians in office only have power because they are voted in by the people.

  5. O my god…mailing WEED. I feel soooo threatened by this. Folks dying from Herion overdose…and their worrying about pot. Even when the PEOPLE vote and say we want DECRIMINALIZED medicine…still the fed's nose is up your backside.

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