"Maternal Fetal Conflict: Ethical Issues in Pregnancy" by Dr. Christy Cummings for OPENPediatrics

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  1. not far in yet but wow that sounds like a tough situation to be in for the baby and mdical staff of course my first reaction is to mentaly chastise a neglectful mother and make her have a c/s and put baby up for adoption but as a motherwho is 28 weeks along and im fighting to have my rights to refuse any un needed testing  and scans becouse all evidence says things are great…and im fighting to have a vaginal birth after 2 c/s id be mortafyed if anyone tryed to force me to have unwanted major surgery but my baby life is not in danger unlike hers…so i realy feel for the mum and want to help her but but eventually i want to save the babys life more than i want to make the mum happy.

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