LA County Campaign Aimed At Keeping Teens From Using Marijuana

Officials say one in six teenagers in Los Angeles County are considered frequent users of marijuana. Lisa Sigell reports.


  1. Cannabis is the safest an one of the best herbs to use the benefits of this holy plant are many and still being found of more to this day all in all I can understand where they come from with the education portion however that is not for everyone you can't necessarily just blame the plant it's the mindset of the person on whether or not they're going to skip class to support the Habit that is not necessarily the case either way 100% of the fact that they're given it's completely biased and arrogant lies cooked up from our worthless government that does nothing to help our society this planet should be completely legal have zero regulations and yes is used more than just getting high you actually want to learn about this plant and get the truth why don't you ask people within this community in the struggles we went through in the great experiences and benefits we have sobon dearly blessed by Jesus Christ by this plant

  2. Weed is the tip iceberg compared to all the deadly shit teens use now a days. Go after real drugs and alcohol and tabaco they have the highest death toll.

  3. this is what i really feel about weed. if you use it responsibly then its fine 100% safe. even cbd oil for babies is fine, or for tremors, depression etc. am jokin about these kids rappers sayin no to drugs, because it seems like a bandwagon, but people need to have a personal choice, not just what the others are saying. bottom line , NO to kids using weed marijuana if they are not allowed to use cigarettes, alcohol and gasoline.

  4. I'm a smoker and kids dont need to be smoking. Their minds need to develop. Get a job grow your career or business have a family and 😙👌💨 when you get older.

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