JUUL Rule | FDA Stomps BIG Vape, But at What Cost?

What to make of FDA’s new JUUL Rule? Well, you could feel ‘hope’ after hearing Commissioner Scott Gottlieb state that there is a “public health benefit” for adult …


  1. Great show again Brent. The old popcorn lung scare. Levels of diacetyl exposure from vaping eliquids containing it (only certain flavours do) is magnitudes lower than when smoking ANY tobacco cigarette and no record exists of any smoker contracting popcorn lung and should be as readily dismissed as the antifreeze fearmongering.

  2. Let me get this straight. The FDA is trying to reduce competition against traditional tobacco products. I'm sure that the tobacco industry had no influence over the passing of this regulation.

  3. F.D.A. = False Data Agents!! Bought And Paid For, With Large Money from Big Tobacco and Big Pharma. However Check out Some of These Young Peoples Y.T. JUUL Channels…Like OG Nick……He says Kids are "Juuling" To Get "DOMED"….or for Us Old Folks…HIGH!!…….BUT, For The Millions of Adult Vapers… WE Do it so WE can Stay off Cigarettes!!…..That Kill 6 million Loyal customers Every Year……Since 2003, when Vaping was Developed…."Smoking" Has Murdered 90 Million People!! TO DATE!!………..Vaping…..NONE!!!

  4. The FDA is focused on reducing YOUTH e-cig use, which surpasses YOUTH regular cigarette use. The proposed rule makes sense from that perspective. Kids like e-cigs more than regular cigs, so e-cigs are the logical target for policy.

  5. You can't have fake cigarettes but you can Chew tobaccos that have flavor, smoke weed in tons of flavor types, and take oxycodon or ketamine….but damn you if you want to get healthy and cut our profits we have in stocks.

  6. once again we live in a world where cigarettes kill 450k people a year in USA, who knows the data that it will do with the rest of the world. Money hungry states wrote laws to stop smoking in various places but they still allow it to be sold in gas stations, stores, pharmacies etc. Some big known media outlets are now against vaping and spreading bad news or FAKE NEWS about Vaping. Its amazing if you convert a smoker to vaping the first question they ask is I heard it can give you popcorn lung this is not true. This all comes from the mass media frantic scare against e-cigs. Then you have these extreme money hungry organizations that are granted and funded by government. Well think about that one, if you had a chance to hold a job for 30 years to conduct experiments on various things facing society, I would think you would be negative so the money is kept right where your job will be secure. Its good that there are people like this Dr. Michael Siegel who will honestly answer the questions, with TRUTH. Thank you for a updating us all Brent.

  7. Big tobacco wants you to go back to cigarettes and big pharma wants a population less healthy to protect their profits. We all know the actual agenda behind all this. The FDA is just using the same emotional tactic by using kids as camouflage for their true agenda to help gain public support to impose more unnecessary regulations on the vaping industry until it no longer exists! It's so refreshing to actually see true journalism instead of 24/7 main stream media propaganda! Awesome job Regulator Watch!

  8. No self respecting Vaper would ever use a Juul any ways. Those things suck. I dont agree with leaving cigarettes on the shelf.It says a lot about who is backing this anti vaping legislation. There is no way in hell I would go back to cigarettes even if they outright banned vaping. Ive got enough 100 mg nicotine in my freezer to last my wife and I another 20 years as long as it keeps.(storage in freeze is up to 10 years stable per a scientist running the experiment. “No drastic change in strength,color or flavor"

  9. My doc told me that vaping can cause bulous emphysema, without citing any study. He showed me pics of this ailment to scare me. After doing my own research I found no evidence for his opinion.

  10. "Teen vaping up 80%"???  Are the numbers acquired merely from questionnaires to teens — whom we all know will claim to have tried vaping because it may be considered cool in their immature minds — or are the numbers coming from teachers' impressions and half-formed fears for their students . . .  or WHAT?  Is there an objective, scientific-method being used for the FDA's means of info-gathering/surveys?  Of course, if the public accepts the FDA's "facts," however acquired, and consequently perceives vaping as epidemic amongst teens, well then, the FDA can claim their repressive measures are justified.  Hmmm.

  11. As a former junkie, the power that nicotine has ain't shit on what heroin and cocaine will make you do!
    As for the antifreeze, they started adding propylene glycol to replace ethylene glycol, to make nontoxic!
    I really hate those commercials! I'd love to buy air time and make my own…

  12. Again you’ve done it Brent ✌🏼👍🏻👌😉 amazing coverage wIth health experts ~ UR breaking through 👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸💨💨 many thanks from US

  13. Increase of 80% from what… I think actual numbers are relevant. Also I think it's unfair to demonize salt based nicotine or juul products. I have been using nicotine salts for years at 3mg and have no problems vaping 0mg or other nicotine bases. I don't have to have my salts… I think Juul just had the perfect market formula and they took off. They had a sleek, discrete, potent product, and it was widely available. I don't even use juul or pod devices, but I think it's totally unfair to demonize them, and I think they are setting a horrible precedent by rolling over like they have. I don't want to see kids vaping, but I'd rather see them do that than smoke if they are going to engage in risky behavior anyway…

  14. @ the 4:42 mark…. This is what the FDA wants people to do.. They would rather people smoke instead of vape. … Why? The answer is the politician in D.C are the ones that are pulling the FDA's strings to kill vaping because vaping is killing the money from the Master Settlement Agreement.
    The states are paid from the MSA per cigarette shipped not sold. More vaping equals less cigarettes shipped.

  15. I talked with my grandsons both in High school…………….. very few kids they know vape, and the ones they know that do have parents giving them vape because these kids were smoking and to help keep them from the Cigarettes. That is a parents decision.

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