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Japanese ginger (Zingiber mioga) is in the same genus as ginger but, unlike true ginger, its roots are not edible. The shoots and buds of this plant, also known …


  1. After YouTube recommendation on beam sprout farming, watching the Noal Farm video saga continues………
    Oh well, sometimes YouTube recommendation aren’t that bad 🤣😌

  2. ABOSP.早期亞洲統稱中國.也稱為聯合共產.後來因墬機翻船.呼救時.尋無支援.於是偏遠地域及離島.紛紛脫離聯合共產.自組民主國家.許多外國人說入境中華民國臺灣.以為中國國民黨是政府.於是將外幣交給中國國民黨兌換.而中國國民黨以為是偷搶超帶的外幣.拿到賭場兌換.與臺灣銀行的國際兌率差很多數額.在資源回收時.將鋁箔包燒成鋁箔.再使用酸鹼處理.擦拭在粗紙.作為金紙.應該也算是黃金的一種吧!!!

  3. I’m a doctor,my youtube and my usual day is full of cases enough to make you sad . Though i like medical stuff. But your videos gives me peace and a sense of being connected to nature. I don’t know you but thanks a lot for makings theses videos. Btw I liked the way it uses to say noal farm in previous videos

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