1. I use Lugol's iodine and pink salt sole which seems to work good along with your sleep aid and a nutritional yeast I got off amazon. Dr. Berg, I use about 20 drops of a 2percent solution according to Dr. Brownstein it has made a world of difference combined with a diet change that I got from you. I used to have to use Trazodone and Lexapro to be able to sleep at night I am now sleeping on my own without any prescription medicines thanks to Dr. Brownstein and Dr. Berg

  2. Iodine is so important! I prefer nascent iodine. I have tried the liquid kelp and I did not feel any results and I just don't trust there is any iodine in those products. I felt a HUGE response in my body with the nascent and I do 2 drops in 4 ounces of water daily. I can actually taste the iodine and it does not come from the sea but rather mined from earth. This way there is no risk of mercury toxicity. I did go through a body cleanse sickness for the first 2 to 3 weeks but it has done wonders for my wife and I.

  3. Dr. Berg, I have a question about iodine types and dosage. I have taken Terry Naturally's Tri-Iodine. 3,000 mcg. ( potassium iodide 1400 mcg., sodium iodide 1400 mcg. And molecular iodine from kelp 200 mcg.). I have also taken Sea Kelp capsules that are 325 mcg. Per capsule. I am hypothyroid and struggle with it's symtoms. There is so much out there about taking up to 12,000 mg per day, like Japanese woman because of their diet. Can you tell me what you consider the safest maximum dose and also is the Tri-Iodine I mentioned above as good as sea kelp? Thank You for your help.

  4. Hey Dr.Berg. I have read a lot of interesting arguments to take more Iodine as our diets (have we not embraced all good foods yet) in general is pretty deficient in Iodine. I have a natural liquid supplement which is 12.5 mg (8000%+ RDI). Do you have any thoughts or recommendations on the topic of dose. Thanks.

  5. A few months ago I bought a small bottle of expensive "high-quality" iodine. Well, I noticed that when I took their recommended dosage my skin would break out with small itchy hive-like bumps. So, I now take just one drop every other day and the hives are almost non-existent. So I guess my advice is to be careful with how much you take.

  6. Hello, Dr. Eric! Thank you so much for all your videos! Very inspiring!
    Could you please film a video on benefits of matcha green tea or other green teas during intermittent fasting?

  7. Iodine was the only supplement that gave me very serious issues, my resting heart rate dropped to 40. If you have hashimotos, iodine is NOT ok as a supplement.

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