Greenhouse – QUESTIONS and ANSWERS!

Plenty of questions and answers about the greenhouse build project! I originally though it would last about 15 minutes. I squeezed it from over an hour down to …


  1. I have Glen Martinez's plans for his airflift and he claims 600 gal/hr at 60W so that would be 120W for the same however if you are spending energy to airate and airlifts do both jobs it might wash out to the same cost but with advantage of no moving parts or electricity under water. Glen claims he hasn't replaced parts in any of his pumps except a little rubber diaphram for the airpump. I don't know if I'm just trying to make airlift work for me because they're cool but I think they have enough advantages to consider.

  2. So would there be a better design for geothermal to avoid the mold? like using smooth pipe, grading it, and then trapping moisture? You might even run the trapped moisture into back into your system.

  3. About heating in the winter and a bit experience in your climate. Don't go overboard with air to air heating units, use the mass of the water as your heat sink and make use of an efficient pool heater.

  4. This video was quite interesting, and I applaud all you have done. The two questions I have deal with the electrical component. Will you require a generator for grid failures? If so, have you researched the newer Hybrid solar systems? I'm guessing your max electrical use for the greenhouse is not that high, around 30amps?

  5. I hope you don't mind me questioning some of your decisions. 

    Propane vs Rocket Mass Heater.  If you do grow in winter or not, you will need to keep the water from freezing at a minimum or empty it.  You will find it will cost well over 5K a month to keep the hoop house growing through the winter or at minimum a couple $k to keep it warm enough to not freeze.  Plus the sunlight hours are minimium and additional lighting would be required as you mention, but more cost making growing in the winter impossible.  Wood Boiler.  If you think feeding a RMH is time consuming… wait until you feed an outside wood boiler!   You'll be hauling and feeding entire trees into the boiler every night.  They say those are efficient, but they are referring to the energy transfer without taking into consideration the massive heat exiting the stack!  They are global warmers if you ask me and I don't even believe in that crap!

    Passive Geo Thermal vs Nothing.  Yes, mold is a problem, but that can be remedied by precipitating out the moisture before blowing it underground.  If you supplement CO2 the humidity will decrease.  You must paint all wood surfaces.  I am not a fan of drainage type geo systems.   A sealed system with a sump can be used to reclaim water and if mold were to grow in the pipes, you can simply flood and beach the pipe network.  They are many ways to prevent mold but abandoning passive geo is trading for something else which will be cost prohibitive to grow year round.Geodesic domes require a bit of creativity to make them work even though you have been hugely creative, but I wish you would have not given up on domes.    A high tunnel has no advantages over a dome other than layout in long rows.  I look forward to learning how well this new high tunnel works and what you discover as you go!


  6. oh and one more thing, A lot of respect for working when you can and when the finances allow it, as opposed to getting in debt for the project. Well done. Not sure you hear this often enough considering some of the comments you are dealing with, but… well done. I always look forward to your updates on this project 🙂

  7. Try not using the word "tolerate" when talking about the fish. If they are healthy they are healthy. Tolerate makes it sound like they are something other than healthy for some period of time.

  8. I've been looking at wood chipping the bush that we cut down at the cottage to lay the wood chips down on our pathways to help mitigate mud and stuff like that if you have a chance at acquiring a wood chipper at a good price or a good rental it might be a handy thing to have a big pile of wood chips laying around for that to spread them over an area until grass starts to grow again

  9. Excellent Q & A video!
    I love that included all types of questions.
    I think your greenhouse and AP setup is fantastic and well thought out and your videos are always great to watch and I enjoy your content 100%
    I have a small AP System in my backyard and I loved designing and building it and failing and finding solutions and moving forward.

    Thanks for sharing and as always Keep Building👍

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