Eradicate Paper Clutter Once & for all! | Minimalist Family Life (2018)

Paper Clutter Part 1: A quick and easy way to ELIMINATE paper clutter from your house by changing how you think about it! A paper clutter tip for those who …


  1. I am a writer… and journal and my heart loves to keep things for memories… please pray and thank you for my being my objective friend… I know God has placed you in my like for a season…

  2. I have a wall calendar on the back of my basement door that has pockets for each month. I put grocery store receipts, invitations, show tickets, in the month it takes place. At the end of each month I go through my credit card statements and make sure it matches. WIth grocery receipts, sometimes I have to return something and this way I Know exactly where the receipt us. Also, sometimes I impulse buy something like a pair of pants or something for the house, I make sure of the return policy and know where the receipt is! Some stores you don't need the receipt, but some you do. Thank you for your wonderful video. It was a great help!

  3. Some things – ie, magazines – unless the magazine has articles in it that are "RIGHT NOW", I donate the magazines to: doctor or dentist offices, nursing homes, mental health facilities, any place where people have to wait and wait. HOWEVER – I remove all specific ID info (name, address) from mailing label first. This way someone gets to (1) be entertained while waiting, (2) gets to read articles they might not get to otherwise and (3) I get rid of a lot of major clutter that would otherwise just take up space at the dump.

  4. OMG I so agree with you that having magazines around stress me out! I now, when I get one in the mail – I'm on a list now and I get tons of free magazines – ahh! – in the lobby of my apartment building, I rip my name and address off the front cover and immediately put it on a table in the lobby for someone else to take.

    The biggest reason for paper clutter for me now, is fear of identity theft. I threw away a catalogue with my info on it from a company I'd never heard of, but it included a customer number in it. Someone stole that garbage and ordered a computer in the catalogue, said it was a gift for someone else at an address in a different city, and I got the bill. It was a huge hassle to get out of paying the bill, including paying a notary public, filing a police report, on and on. So, my biggest paper clutter problem is getting stuff in the mail every day that I want to shred.

    So, shredding is the biggest problem for me. Getting stuff every day in the mail that I want to shred, but want to shred right now, or the shredder is full – plus, I have a backlog of stuff that needs to get shredded. And I don't trust those shredding services. I once used one at a local office supply store, and I saw then use a key to open up the box so someone could put their documents into it faster – in other words, it wasn't private or secure. So, I'm shredding everything myself, and it's a pain.

  5. Thank you, some good points here, although I couldn't always hear clearly what you were saying, perhaps a dialect issue as I'm a Brit! I agree with what others have said about the children's artwork storage. When they're older it does mean a lot to them to see what you've saved. Plus, it brings back precious memories for them – I absolutely agree that quality time is what matters most, but trust me: they themselves forget about much of that 'quality time' until an item triggers the memory in the brain's filing system. However, please don't take that as a criticism of your decisions; I see that you have a small space and also prefer an ascetic, almost unoccupied, decor style – therefore holding on to anything other than bare essentials perhaps doesn't work for you. If holding onto it (or, equally, discarding it) causes us undue stress, that's what we should listen to.

  6. My mom saved a whole tote of my elementary school papers and artwork, I haven't even opened it up yet… It was sweet she kept it, but stressful for me… One day I'll go through and tackle it… Probably go with taking pictures.

  7. Andria, I completely agree with you. I am old school and keep a paper trail. Numerous times I have had to go back and pull paperwork to prove I had already paid a bill. Also, if I pay on-line, I do save the receipt digitally but also print out a copy just in case my computer happens to be down at the time I made need it as proof.

  8. I never would have thought to make a decision depending on if it is easy, medium or difficult to replace. It’s a nice way of thinking outside the box!

  9. This is really good common sense and training our brain to not keep it if we can find it online or with a phone call. With that said there are exceptions. Do not get rid or cards. I have cards from my husband for 35 years of marriage, every anniversary, birthday, etc., one day these will be priceless. My 3 son's created cards for me when they were younger and as they grew older they gave me cards. Each and every one is special. I even have cards from my grandmother, my best friend that I have never thrown out and as time goes one I love it that I have a box to sit down and touch those cards and have that memory. Don't throw out the cards or the artwork from your kids. Scanning into a digital file is fine, but again to touch it and feel it and the joy it brought and still does is priceless. Organize it in a scrapbook, keep in a container, but don't be so quick to throw it out. The other stuff – yes, figure it out, but keep those precious memories.

  10. Gosh, at least take a picture of your child's artwork! She will want to see it one day when she is older! I regret my mother got rid of all my papers…and I never got over it. Don't do it to your child. Two of my friends lost their children who were in their 20s…bit to car accidents…the only thing they have left are pictures, videos and their children's school work and art projects. I would never advise getting rid of it. Talk oil at minimum and make a chatbook or movie of them.

  11. Totally disagree with greeting card! As you get older, you will forget the memories…you'll have the cards to jog your memory! Artwork is precious esp from your child. I'd never part with any of it.

  12. My problem is magazine articles 😰. I have so many mags and always find articles I want to read so I have clippings everywhere in addition to hundreds of medical files for my daughter and myself…we have chronic illnesses.

  13. When your children are grown, this art work take on special meaning. I just found some art work that my son did in the 5th grade. I have framed it and am so happy that I did not throw it out. Save the really outstanding pieces. So worth it.

  14. Your videos are so inspiring! As a mom whose kids are now teens, I regret not keeping more of there art and schoolwork. I hardly had any of that kept as a child myself and wish I did. Also, never trust insurance, banks etc. keep those paper copies somehow. They will do anything to get out of paying and bank errors won’t be in your favor without proof. As for birthday cards, I feel like I should have at least one from the important people in my life, you never know when they will be gone. My father was killed suddenly in an accident, suddenly those cards become treasures.

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