DR. ROBERT MORSE ND | Psilocybin Mushrooms | LSD | Consciousness

This is a brief clip of Dr. Robert Morse ND and myself talking about Psilocybin Mushrooms and LSD and how these tools expand your consciousness. Dr. Robert …


  1. I had a few experiences with mushrooms , I love shrooms ❤️🍄grateful for each moment I had on them because they were truly amazing, just like dr Robert Morse said it’s a powerful beautiful thing when you in the present of the now & shrooms definitely help me get there especially because I had really bad anxiety so I would eat them with the intention of healing & being connected 🙏🏽 really some powerful stuff when done with the right mindset, wish I can run into some again it’s been awhile , gotta start asking around lol

  2. Great words to end the video “In the present of the now, where all life is powerful , it’s beautiful.. you can’t even put words to it , That’s what man should seek if he seeks anything what’s so ever” janne you eat some shrooms before you did this video? Looked focused lol

  3. Psilocybin words can not discribe how wonderful ,powerful,greatful it is !
    In times like this the morning ring that wakes you up ,and connecting you with the source and mother nature im soo thankful to have such a wonderful connection to this magical being:)

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