Cowboys won't win Super Bowl LIV, but they're better than the Eagles – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, Victor Cruz and Will Cain weigh in on the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles’ 2019 NFL offseason acquisitions and …


  1. Steven A I'm glad you said that so that means the Eagles going to stop that s*** out of cowboys which I know will make you happy too glad you predict that Cowboys will be better then the Eagles don't think so is the Eagles stay healthy Dallas didn't have a chance

  2. This is all comes down to wentz. Look I don't like the cowboys, but they're a solid team. Honestly their weakness is their coach.

    This is a do or die year for Wentz. If he returns back to 2017 form, then I don't see Dallas winning the division, but it'll be by a game.

    The eagles offense is much better this year. They're stacked everywhere. Now they just need their qb to stay on the field.

  3. Stephen A’s football takes are horrendous. Talent wise their rosters are about equal but the difference is quarterbacking and coaching. Wentz is significantly better than Dak and Dougie P is a better coach than garrett

  4. They have always talent. it is coaching that is always holding them back from the super bowl. From Tony Romo to Dak Prescott there should have been at least three super bowls

  5. Usually agree with Stephen but i want whats hes smoking. How can u say that Dak, Witten, Cooper and Cobb are even close to Wentz, Ertz, Goedert, Djack, Alshon, and Nelly. Zeke is good but not good enough to bring the cowboys up to the same level as the birds. Maybe other aspects like defense look better for the cowboys but hes talkin about how THESE guys are the key…and that is just crazy

  6. This is a great solid guaranteed back. ESP for a 6 round pick that we would have to roll a dice on. Dude is great running in zone, has great vision, can catch out of the backfield, only flaw is break away speed but his ability to gain yards will help us on third down next year. The only reason we didn’t go further was because our inability to convert on 3rd down because we have no run game.

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