1. uhmmmm what about the TASTE of the meat when you cook it. Enjoy your fucking life, eat a juicy steak with a caramelized layer produced by the salty crust. Lol yeah you get less nutrients but you get a fuckton of satisfaction

  2. After generations and generations of eating "prepared" meat, would our bodies be able to obtain raw meat without a high risk of getting ill? I've only ever heard of Tatar and Sushi as raw eats which I know of are non-risk-ish.

  3. An interesting point about cooked meat and the brain. Reminds me of a story …
    Once upon a time ago there was a demigod named Nanabushu who, against the wishes of the other gods, gave FIRE to the The First Nations People. Nanabushu is known as The Trickster god because he uses trickery & deception to 'teach' The First Nations Peoples. What exactly he teaches or taught The First Nations Peoples is yet to be realized … or maybe not. Nanabushu tricked The First Nations Peoples into believing they needed to cook their meat, which in turn contributed to them being 'dumbed down.' Because they no longer ate raw meat their brains got smaller, which eventually led to their genocide at the hands (or should I say cold virus and guns) of the Europeans. The remaining First Nations Peoples were displaced from their land & cast onto reservations while their children were torn from them and put into residential housing so that they wouldn't be taught the 'nature ways' from their elders. Hundreds of thousands of these children were raped, beated, and killed, many in sacrificial ceremonies that involved elite, royal, & political figures. Of the children that remained alive, many became alcoholics & drug addicts. The parents of the children that survived also succumbed to alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide. All lost their former knowledge, instincts & natural ways. Today they are one of the Lost Tribes.
    To all things there is dark and light. Awareness is key.
    Btw, I ferment cooked meat because fermentation creates B vitamins as well as many other vitamins & minerals. That said, however, I've lately taken to pan searing the outside of my meats & organs while leaving them more & more raw in the middle. It's a transition, a process. I actually enjoy the meat more this way.

  4. I've been eating mostly raw meat and raw milk for 9 months now. 70% of my diet. I've lost about 6kg and people tell me I look lean and healthy. I have sustained energy and don't need as much sleep. The only problem Ive had was being very unwell on 2 different batches of meat I bought from a supermarket. Now I only buy it off a butcher that provides fresh local meat. I did this change in diet as a last resort. I was always unwell, tired and felt brain dead. My life has improved a lot. Thanks Sv3rige.

  5. Oh, after i posted, I slapped my forehead and remembered the Inuit. They have survived and thrived for thousands of years I believe on a diet that is mostly from animals and where all the flesh is raw. I'm now wondering about the Scandanavian Lapland .indigenous Sami. Ok I've just skimmed a Mark Hay article about Anna Sigrithur who is a cook from Winnipeg who recently spent a summer living with a group of Sami people who were trying to preserve their culinary tradititons. The article says they use every part of the animals they kill. Anna is quoted as saying "Arctic diets vary vastly from region to region, according to the local environment’s flora and fauna. But at their most extreme, they consist of almost nothing but meat and fish, often from animals rich in fat (think polar bears, seabirds, and whales)." Anna said they eat raw blood.I didn't see it actually mentioned that they ate their animal food raw but it makes sense that they would have done so you'd think.

  6. Can someone please explain it to me how you eat the tough parts of the animal raw without using a mincer? I tried to chew it (I don't remember which part it was but it was grass fed grass finished meat) but I couldn't chew it, then I cooked it and it became edible.

  7. Raw meat is defintely alot more nutrious and beneficial. It simply makes logic sense, Where do you guys get your fresh quality raw meat from though?

  8. Just one thing man that it's intriging me… How did the colour of your hair, beard and eyebrows changed from really black to blonde (during your vegan to psychiatry to raw meat change) ? It would be nice if you could reply. 😉

  9. I like cooked meat and i also believe that fruits and vegetables are very nutrition and cleansed. I have a question. Raw meat, okey. What about parasites? Heat kills parasites and egs. Raw meat is nutrition, ok. But what about parasites?

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