1. Kali..Is that a smart meter on your house ? Today is a GG smokin day..Blue cheese is my flavor that is classic..I'm in the northeast and getting ready to plant my cover crop for my Vegetable Garden.. I am really bummed as I do not have any soil to grow the babies..not in a legal state not that it matters anymore..will be legal recreational soon ..hell im surrounded by legit states so stupid this state shit…Need class 2 to really make progress on testing.enjoyed the vid..

  2. man yer welcome at my farm in Australia anytime you like dude!
    trying to get legal down here but these mofos are ass backwards.
    finally got a city assembly member pushing for it so hopefully aussie can get their grow on!

  3. Yeah Kali it was to sterile for your spirit, in doors. Its 4am. on replay. Good call taking us outside I'd rather and you seemed less forced . I diggit . I'd think it be challenging putting content out daily , but if your being true to yourself it'll be easy and fluid ,like snowboarding down the mountain . Killa Gorilla flower and Guava D live resin , both very nice . How about a Q&A folks can put in comments with something that'll get your attention unless u go through 300 of them lol bravo if you do . Thx bro you rock. Luv and blessings. 🤗

  4. A continuing of what I was saying, Mostly comparing soils, nutes, timing, LST, things like that, have to be exact strains, popped at the same time etc! It's a damn good audience

  5. I'm going to tell you this, COMPARISON VIDEO'S are the shit!!! NOTHING draws attention more than comparing this vs that, especially when there's a difference in the two! Several sevaral several thousand youtubers have less than 3k subscribers and they have comparison videos posted, those videos have 300k- to over a million views!! Remember, proof is in the pudding, that's what people like to see, real deal documented videos

  6. Got my Roor bong and some gelato. First time I got a buzz was at a Pantera concert when a huge cloud came towards me from the whole crowd lighting up at the same time. The first time I smoked was at 21 when a joint was forced in my face. So, I said sure why not? Got high as a hot air balloon.

  7. I still remember the first time I tried SOUR D. I was 13. The DIESEL flavor never left. Can taste is when I think about it.
    The first time I ever smoked ganja was when I was 9, with my KENPO teachers kids.

  8. I’ve been watching your channel for a while im on my 3rd organic grow, same grow schedule as you same soil amendments same tea just smaller grow mediums, the only issue I have is sourcing good seeds either I order online and they are shitty genetics or don’t pop tired of wasting my green just for some wack seeds I was just wondering could you point me in the right direction or help a fellow earths beloved growers out much appreciation giving posting your vids are the best, your easily one of the best backyard growers posting big fan base keep it up. Toke one up for me peace

  9. Bong is my top choice, in smokin on some 707 and cake batter right now. Speaking of sour D back in 2000 I was at a party, my bud was about 10’ standing from me with sour D in his pocket that I could smell 10’ away.
    I was 16 first time blazin straight edge up till then also. My brother and his friend were blazing in his friends room an I just decided to join it’s too bad they were smokin out of a can tho…🤢✌🏻

  10. My step dad is a daily smoker. I grew up around Hightimes and Kottonmouth Kings. I first got high at 12 or 13. There was always a lot around so I would just take chunks here and there. I was in boy scouts and a few of us would always be blazin on camping trips or before meetings 😂. I moved across the state (nebraska at the time) and started smoking more regular around 15. I have been a daily smoker for some time now, around 17 or 18 years old. Still blowin smoke rings ooo

  11. Hi kali I have another question about the outdoor light cycle… Should I set my timers to represent the daylight or direct sunlight? I had my timer set to 8 hrs on and 16 hrs off to represent the amount of direct sunlight I get in my backyard… but then it hit me it would probably make more sense to adjust them to the actual hours of light in the day time not direct sunlight…

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