Canada to legalize cannabis October 17 – Trudeau

Under the new legislation, adults – either 18 or 19, depending on the province or territory – can legally buy, grow and consume cannabis in limited amounts.


  1. Interesting. Great for Canada. Here in the u.s. somehow it is still struggling even with other drugs. But letting criminal groups make money is fine right?
    And…I guess the prime minister is not that ignorant.

  2. atat na atat na mga dilawan na maaprubahan yan sa pinas sabik na sabik na mga adik sa balita na yan gusto ng CHR at CBCP na maging sabog na sabog sa mj mga tao pra di malabag ang "KARAPATANG PANGTAE"

  3. Trudeau is the biggest joke on them all. Now he is practically handing our kids pot. What's worse is the conservatives and conservative voters are letting it happen. I'm more embarrassed for the conservative voters who are totally silent on this issue. Canadian Conservatives are wimps and cowards. WHATEVER HAPPENS TO CANADA BEING A CHriSTIAN NATION WITH FAMILY VALUES??

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