1. The smell of Wonder Women would be by definition, Wonderfull.
    Frustration stems from misplaced expectations. You may need to adjust your expectations or understand the mindset more to adjust tour expectations more in line with their reality.
    THC crystals are not water soluble therefore the plasma cannot take it to the relevant receptors.
    Drug use is a health problem, not a criminal problem. Only nations that treat it as a health issue find that drug use falls. This is now beyond an opinion because we have data that supports this without question.
    Masking is the proper term if you take into account how neural receptors work.
    Pot dosage & affects of pot are dependent on tolerance which is dependant on dosage. I know, it sounds circular.
    Relapse is inevitable if the triggers are not, or impossible to be, dealt with.
    AA/NA is Christian based, the 12 steps is stupid & preys on the most vulnerable. It’s a swap from one crutch to another.

    Here is a question
    What kind of a question is unanswerable by google & would that question be answerable at all if not?

  2. That's unfortunate about the tags. I always found stuff like that cool, because you get to know something about the people in your community. Or, at least something different than the prevailing topics of discussion, that tend to circulate. I for one, would love to see more of your painting, and hear some of your music, and other creative things you're involved with, or interested in. One thing I found, is that I only really know people around here, by their comments. You get an idea about their positions on specific things, but you don't really get to know anything about them as a person. In a sense, it's like a more detailed version of getting to know people, by polls. For example: Whatever topic (x) is, that you discuss in a video, you find out peoples opinions on where they stand with topic (x). In some cases, it's as simple as "for" or "against", or a more detailed explanation of why they are "for" or "against." Then of course, based on those responses, or an accumulation of their responses on a series of specific topics, we build a model, of who we think that person is, and they go into boxes.

    The thing that interests me about art, is it gives us a very different perspective of a person. It communicates a great sum of things. It also has the potential to facilitate a more connected community. It's a bit like when you take a bunch of creative people, that know nothing about each others politics, or opinions on matters, and you get them together to work on a group project. They form a relationship, based around achieving a common goal. It has the potential, to bring people together in such a way, that it is more difficult to just dismiss them, when you hear them say something you disagree with, because there is more of a personal investment at stake…..potentially. I'm just building that model in my head, but it seems a hypothesis like that, could be viable by my estimate. I find communal building, joint efforts interesting. Or finding ways to bring people together, in ways that it's more difficult to simply write them off. Potentially fostering a better quality dialogue, and exchanges of ideas.

    As for injecting marijuana….that sounds like a very bad idea. I guess you could do it in the form of hashish oil, without bringing in solvents that would dilute, or drastically alter the compounds, but considering how utterly filthy that process would be, I would think you're right on the mark, about serious infections happening immediately. I'd say that fits into the category of "will probably kill you" ventures. I certainly hope nobody tries that. It seems to me, if people are concerned about the lung damage that takes place with combustibles, the edible variations are probably the best bet.

  3. what 'addictions' have a 5% spontaneous recovery?
    What studies?
    What counts as success. In CBT for example. Abstinence, controlled use, harm minimized use.

  4. Do NOT inject cannabis. It is probablly not healthy.
    But when I think back, I have seen people inject alot of …unhealthy and viscous liquids, and survive.
    Taking water from puddles on the street. That happened all the time.
    The worst thing I have seen a person inject, when a guy wanted to adjust himself…Dolcontin was on the menu. (Dolcontin contains morphine and a sticky binder to make it a depot tablet.) He didn't bother to go get water. He just spat a few times in the spoon, boiled it up, filtered it sloppily through a cigarette-filter and injected. Just when you thought you had seen it all. He lived tho. He could have gone 4 yards into the kitchen to get water. But no. Maybee it was a sort of suicide attempt.
    Most heroin addicts don't really care if they are alive or dead the next day.

  5. 11:14 "Is there a way to inject in Marijuanas?" If you show them how to inject the Marijuana(S), next they'll want to know how to download the Internet(S) to their phone. o_O

  6. I worked for the Fed. and the biggest problem of any project is the change the elected people being able to, to easy ending a project with no more reason than they want too. One reason projects like hurricane flood levees are never built correctly.

  7. @25:00, I think part of it is that the addict begins to identify only as an addict and thus follows the addict script. I went to a Narconon meeting one time and met a guy who had been clean and sober 35 years but still considered himself to be a dope fiend. If people can't find meaning in other activities, or identities its easy to slip back into old habits. Another problem I see is the lack of philosophy or any self-help type stuff, these people are typically taught "This is the way you are, and you need Jesus or some other higher power to save you". Addicts need to be taught they have moral agency and "inspired" to take responsibity for their actions and practice discipline in regards to themselves. Most people fail because they lack the discipline to do the basics, part of the discipline is being able to confront issues and deal with them. From what I see many addicts have a high degree of learned helpessness and thus cannot see solutions to solvable problems. One must be shown they have the ability to have power over themselves, without that it will be a continuous losing battle for most addicts….in my opinion.

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