1. I still haven't understood how it sets your fat burning back by 48-72 hours? Won't it go like this:- You consume 1000 calories of fat and 1000 calories of protein and fat…suppose you burn 2000…therefore after the first 1000 calories won't it automatically start burning fat? Since there's nothing else left for it to burn since there's no carbs in the body

    I mean, I'm new to this so I might seem like a moron but I thought that's how it works

  2. Dr Berg, You say it will stop fat burning for about 48 hours then at the end of your video you say expect to not burn fat for several days. So is it several days or approximately 48 hours? . Could you please elaborate. Thank you

  3. I hate the way I feel after drinking while on keto. I have the worst hangovers. Migraine, lack of energy and I cant eat anything without running to the bathroom. It makes me throw up. How do I not get hangovers compared to drinking while eating carbs? Because my hangovers are not that bad if I'm high on carbs.

  4. From everything I've read, it takes about an hour for the liver to process 1 average alcoholic drink. I don't know where the 48 hours comment comes from. Maybe if you drank a whole bottle of whiskey. I can do a few drinks a night (dry red wine, or bourbon) and still lose weight. Certainly it would be better to give up alcohol all together, but I'm not buying the 48 hours claim.

  5. Can't wait to no longer live above a pub…. Granted it's my choice to not only go, but to consume alcohol when I'm there, but it is hard when beer or wine does taste pretty nice to me and when other people are drinking it/its a nice place to chat (small village pub). I don't think I'll ever cut it out forever, but I have been trying to severely limit it, as I know it's been… "helpful" in me gaining weight. It's like many things in life, moderation. Even people who don't care about keto, IF, or even loosing weight, know that alcohol just isn't good for you in general, but are willing to keep having it in moderation. The body is pretty amazing at rebounding, so as long as you aren't taking it too far.

  6. Hi Dr berg. Have you heard of korean rice wine called makgeolli. There are some brands with 4percent alcohol content and has less than 1 carb for one serving. It was known for some health benefits and tasted so good. What is your view for that? Do you think can we drink that on keto?

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