Building the Market Garden: Tilling in Cover Crop and Making Garden Beds

Part 2 of building the market garden. In this episode I will be tilling in my cover crop, tarping, then forming the beds with a tiller. After today I will never till the land …


  1. 6:00 Haha I get the smile for calcium with our soil. Nice natural supplement you have there.
    DUUUUDE!!! I went to home depot the other day — saw some garden tarp for 99c, asked the cashier if it was right couldn't believe it 36sq/ft 99c not bad. She checked .01c LOL wtf?!. I came back with the whole bundle, if its clearance I mean, might as well help them out. Gave her a dime and 4 pennys for 514sq/ft of garden tarp. So stoked! 🤣🤣

  2. Yeah my homeowners association would murder me if I tried this in my neighborhood. I love gardening I am a mover but my garden is more like a soil farm with some edible medicinal and some fruit trees. Do you sell eggs? Chickens? I pull crab grass all day by hand.. My dichondra is coming in nice with all the rains were getting now in florida June semi trop.. The dichondra can choke off the crab grass.. I see the value of control burns like the native americans.. That crab grass is a knee and back killer tho.. Gotta get it up when the ground is soft like after a rain.. Is there a reason you stuck with straight rows over curved rows east to west?

  3. I'd like to make a suggestion. A scythe and a rake could have made that job quicker and likeky better than the machine. Also, rethinking the rototilling step all together.

  4. I loved this video. Its like a step by step tutorial and i really like how you explain why you are doing each step and the benefits it gives. And the chookies 🐓😍

  5. I love this method. I want to emulate this as much as possible. I just bought a new house that I want to do this at? Is there anyway to speed up the process to begin planting in the next month or so? Or is soil something you dont want to rush for the long term benefits?

  6. Great videos Steven, I've been learning a lot! How did you not run into your cardboard sheet mulch while tilling? Wasn't there only 1 or 2 inches of compost and some plant material on top of your cardboard? Was the cardboard already broken down by the time you tilled? What was the period of time between sheet mulch and tilling? Thanks dude

  7. love the shirt! (hanging out with your chickens) im a "homesteader" in Spain. doing research and i am your new follower lol. what an amazing opportunity you have with this land! our garden is only a fraction of what you have. our home has a shed that has been designed as a perfect coop when it was build but we dont have chickens just yet. im expecting to be getting some in the next few months. keep on making videos !

  8. I don't know your family situation, but every time I need to spread a lot of straw I put the bales out, cut the lines, and then my kids invite their friends over to play in the straw/have a straw fight.  They get that stuff spread so fast it's crazy, it's fun for them, and one less thing for me to worry about.

  9. Great stuff! I'm wondering if I still need to till my land for the first time. My half acre block has never been tilled and I don't have the equipment to do it. Do you think I could just cover it with tarp to activate the soil, uncover and then use manure and straw for preparation. Your thoughts?

  10. The longest sheet mulching project I've done was 3 mths because I was so eager to move forward. I love seeing your whole process in starting your market garden, how you put so much time and patience into developing the soil life that is so essential! Major props to you! We close on our new land in a few weeks and I hope to do a market garden in 2019 and will try to be as patient as you and do all of this this summer and fall!!

  11. When chickens eat weeds and other plants that have gone to seed, don't those seeds end up in their manure that then gets replanted? I've seen chicken manure volunteer tomato and zuchinni… aren't we reseeding the weeds???

  12. Thumbs up and all, but… does anyone actually like the 'style' of music used in your videos? Seems like such a contrast to the rest of the content. Also it's a bit loud.

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