Best Supplements for Lipedema, Dercums and Lymphedema Swelling & Fat Loss | Atlanta Lymphedema Doc

Atlanta’s premier Lipedema and Lymphedema Specialist, Dr. Melissa Gallagher shares her favorite 5 supplements for lipedema management, dercum’s disease …


  1. Hi Melissa, I have lipodema with occasional lymphedema & I live in the UK where there is little help or understanding regarding these conditions. Would it be possible to email you as I am trying to get on top of this. I have watched a few of your very informative videos but wanted to ask some questions if you have the time I’d be so grateful?


  2. Blessings been really busy this month so I haven't watch the videos but are on my list for next week, but watching today I only wished I had found you before my Dad passed because I believe you could have brought him so true relief . He suffered so badly when he passed he lost nearly 100 pound of fluid. You are wonderful gift from our Creator!!! Looking forward to watching your videos to help myself and to share with others suffering!!! Blessings!

  3. Hi there! After 47 years i realized I’m not just fat or lazy…i have a condition. No matter how hard i worked at losing weight my legs always were thick & lumpy. So glad I discovered it’s lipodema as funny as that sounds.
    Supplements : ok to take ALL 5 every day??
    Thank you!

  4. Hi Melissa, Thank you for the information, So im confused on the 7 supplement.You have to take all the 7 supplement every day,Is that to much, I want all the supplement
    just want make sure you us all 7 supplrment you can take, it was a great video ,,YOU gave me some hope , Been sick for 2011 dercums , very painful .Thank you .So much,You have a bless day,Thank you,

  5. Oh hi! I was diagnosed with lipo lymphedema grade 2B stage 3 yesterday. I live in Norway, so there's not much help to get here. I'm happy to have found this video posted today. Great timing! =D

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