Beginners Guide to Vaping (Part 1/5)

In this video, we go over the BEGINNERS GUIDE TO VAPING that will help anyone move from smoking over to vaping. Don’t buy anything before watching our …


  1. You, my friend are a Godsend. Wish I had this video last summer when I started looking into vaping. Still struggling to get off he cig but vaping more and more. I smoke hope to smoked past tense soon menthol lights and started out with the Prince F12 kits. One the battery has died but have 3 more. Have tried the Novo, no flavor and was pulling so hard my eyes were bugging out of my head. Got the Nord and it''s better both with flavor and vapor. Still wish I didn't have to pull as hard so just take long slow hits off it. Like the bigger tank too. Why they are a making so many 2 ml pod systems now I don't understand. Looks like you'd be having to refill very often. Got a breeze 2 and not much flavor or vapor will probably switch over and put some reg. juice in it. Got a Smok Species and having trouble with making sure I'm using the right coils and bought another tank to go with it. A Horizon Falcon Tech Tank. So far can't get it to work well just whisps of vapor and have it set on 30 watts for the cool vape. That is probably wrong but hopefully you'll address Menthol Smokers need of a cool vape and the right device for it in your series. Will show this to hubby tonite since he's helped me so much. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would add about battery MAH – don't be going going out buying 5000mah flash light batteries etc… forgive me if you will be adding more info later..

  3. Great that you shows new vapers what they can choose from Jack. I hope that you can learn them how to build and rewick too for those that don't want to continue to but subohm coils only. In the country I'm from it's still illegal to sell e-liquid with nicotine, but I can smoke how much I want too. So my friends that vapes comes to me to get their nicotine. I started to vape many years before thei started to sell e-juice without nicotine so I had to make my own e-juice to quit cigarettes.

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