1. My question is kind of the reverse – I forgot to use deodorant and expected that raising my arms would render me unconscious. Very reduced BO? Was that bacteria that causes BO living on the excess glucose? Loving the cauliflower pizza more than regular pizza btw.

  2. Dr. Berg. On keto I dont normally have weird armpit odor but I switched to activated charcoal deodorant and the very next day woke up to loud urine smell under my arms. Could this be detox? That is the only thing that changed.

  3. I love the sarcasm in this. So…ever since I started keto/carnivore. On Nov. 12th, I noticed an increase in body odor πŸ™ I know I have a nafl and the insulin resistance has damaged my kidneys in sure. So I will add broccoli and cabbage an romance into my keto life now. But I am down 8 lbs whoot whoot. (Would be more im sure if thanksgiving didnt happen)

  4. Brilliant, 2 days into fast breath smells and sweet smelling ammonia pits, been abusing my body binging/emotional eating past year so insulin resistance etc started so started a fast to rectify the system. This ammonia now confirms how clogged my liver really is! I hope it will clear itself out and start processing the ammonia. Brilliant video and helps a person monitor whats going on with their body while detoxing. So when the BO stops its a reasonable indication that my liver has finally started working and some of the fattiness/blockages have shifted. Once the body starts feeding on all the fat and processing the toxins as I am not loading the liver everything should settle down. 2nd day and not even slightly hungry its as if my body said yayyyy we can clean up now, its as if its what it needed. No hunger and not much fogginess just bad breath and BO, otherwise my body is enjoying itself, well thats how it feels anyway, I was also depressed and no more depression it just lifted this morning. Only restless legs this morning so will have whole lemon in hot water just now to bring up the potassium.

  5. Ok so I'm worried now, so I started keto 6 weeks ago just right now noticed my smell like amonia.. So is my liver worst than when I started keto or what?? This is weird.. Weird! First I got the rash and now this weird smell… Is keto really good long term? I'm drinking my greens and eating salad daily.. I dnt understand

  6. I'll like to know what causes bone pain. Like they get tight and it feels like they want to bend and break.. When I warm them the pain goes away, it happens in the summer and winter. Thank you if get around to answer it..

  7. Doutor, I drink Whey Protein from Optimum Nutrition… it is one of the best brand of the market. I m doing muscle train to build muscles. I would like to know if it is possible to loss fat and built muscles at the same time by doing intermitent fast and ketogenic diet. Is it possible?? And to drink whey protein, even in a high quality product, i will be out of the ketogenic process??
    Thanks in Advance
    Andressa Viana

  8. Hello Dr Berg first of all I really appreciate all the great work you do and the excellent advice you give us all so freely. My question is not related to Ketosis really … I was recently diagnosed with Idiopathic intercranial hypertension or psuedo tumors they have taken over my life 😒. I struggling to find answers to get rid of this problem and you are my last attempt at finding a genuine answer if you can help I would greatly appreciate your Help.

  9. Thanks Dr berg, it seems some people think doing keto causes liver and kidney issues..seems it's not realized that keto is fixing these issues or the symptoms are a bi-product of the their previous diet..hopefully everyone gets it πŸ™‚ you rock!

  10. Dr Berg, your videos have come a long way, they are especially pleasing to the eye compared to other past videos and give some of the best info around thanks. Please work on saying, "okay" so frequently, it took you 5 seconds into this video.

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