1. I've been searching for years now for an answer to my insomnia… I've been coping with/managing it with doxylamine succinate and .3 mg of melatonin (switching between the two to stave off tolerance), but I know this is not the cure, this is simply a coping mechanism for an underlying adrenal issue… I'm really starting to believe at this point that herein lies the answer… here in this video… In a word: Ashwagandha …no… the effects will not be immediate, but with a daily dose for 18 days now, I've been getting deeper longer sleep in these last few days than I've had in years… I've reduced the doxylamine succinate to around 1/4 dose (approx 6 mg) and I'm sleeping better than I was on a full 25 mg tablet. I'm not doing anything different other than supplementing with Himalaya Organic Ashwagandha. Each tablet is 300 mg organic ashwagandha powder root 200 mg organic ashwagandha extract root 10 mg organic ashwagandha supercritical. In the last few days I've been feeling like my younger self… more energy, better mood, zest for life, and deep, deep sleep for 8+ hours! I'm starting to believe I've found the answer!

  2. I take meds for hbp, cholesterol, diabetes (T2), hypothyroid..when is it the best time to take ashwaghanda and how many milligrams? I suffer that fight or flight feeling every single day because of misophonia. I always suffered from stress since I was a child.

  3. I have learnt so much from your videos!! I went to my family Doc about 5 yrs ago with most of the symptoms you described. He told me to stop eating processed food and try a Mediterranean diet or FODMAP! Didn’t even try to figure out what was the cause!! I truly believe we have to look after our own health!! Thank you!!

  4. Thank u for taking the time To make this video… Where do we get the apparatus that you used on the girl with the big hoop earrings… That may be causing her more stress LOL. I meditate, do yoga, yet my cortisol levels are off I know… I’m going to get them tested but I’ll also start taking the potassium magnesium you suggested. Thank you so much !

  5. Here is my list that works 100%
    1. Qi-Qong – It is softer then Yoga, and much less stressful.
    2. Breathing, named Nadi Shodhana-will center you. Very relaxing. Will also help with deep sleep. It removes the Blockages
    3. Yoga-Nidra. Here, you reach very deep level of relaxation. This is what your Adrenals need. Otherwise-you can not reach that level of relaxation.
    4. RelaseTechique. This one is most important from all. Here-you release all the stored negative emotions.

    I did not mention any pills or supplements as Body has the power to heal itself without any external help. So, if you are very weak-use only the LAST techique. It will help a loooot.

  6. I am a diabetic in ketosis, but my sugars are even higher than before. I think it's due to my stressful job and life altogether. I have started taking ashwagandha now for three days, but I am extremely tired even after a good night's sleep. I don't know what to do. Do I need to just wait it out? Could somebody please help me!

  7. Subcutaneous fat around belly whole life. Thought cortisol would be high on test, but was low… ???? Does this mean my cortisol was high most of life hence the belly fat, and now from so many use its low from exhaustion etc? How do you get rid of belly fat, from cortisol. when your cortisol has gone to the low end?

  8. It’s depressing to think that I can’t afford to be happy. I don’t know if I can afford to take all the things I need to get better and lower my cortisol 😞 and you just go to the doctors they give you antidepressants to make you more depressed! And on top I can’t lose weight because of my cortisol and fight and flight! I feel like I’m stuck in a prison 😭

  9. Good job w/ the darker markers on that whiteboard. In older vids, it is sometimes not as clear. This is easier to see, thus, less stress and no cortisol spike.

  10. Hi Dr. Berg, can a person that has numerous autoimmune conditions, incl celiac, ulcerative colitis, raynaulds, hypoT/hashi's etc use nutritional yeast? Is there anyone with any condition that you can think of that should not consume nutritional yeast or may react to it adversely? ACV is often referred to as a staple in the Keto circles and other circles, I react adversely to it (I can use citrus juices). Would like to try the nutritional yeast , a little gun-shy though.

  11. Dr. Berg's advice, walking and swimming.( Am lucky to be in FL & have access to a community pool) Is literally saving my life!
    Wondering how many drugs I'd be on if I went to an MD? Besides the fact I'd never get my health and well-being back!

  12. Hi doctor berg,your potassium friend ,pat in London,the highest amount of potassium is contained in beans 1700 mg in100 grams of Lima beans,kidney beans 1600 mg of potassium in 100 grams,and the bean list goes on,as for magnesium hemp seed contains700 mg of magnesium per 100 grams,and almonds nuts contains 576 mg of magnesium per 100 grams the so-called daily requirements is 400-420, I don’t like greens except peas and beans,I only eat one meal a day I don’t cook,except two eggs boiled a day I do have quite a variety of food of course I take lots of supplements,I also have olive oil,fish oil ,cod liver oil,hemp oil,plus on your advice apple 🍎 cider vinegar and 🍋 juice also sea salt from Israel the Dead Sea,I also bought a kilo of spirulina powder,on your advice I bought a kilo of brewers yeast,i watch all your videos ,what you do is truly marvellous your videos should be compulsory in all schools,colleges ,and universities,todays date here in sunny 🌞 London England is the22-4-2018,have a nice day doctor berg,

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