3 Techniques To Instantly Open Your Third Eye and Activate Your Pineal Gland | Meditation Included

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  2. Hey I totally agree with you ..it's especially hard when person is homeless and all. Trying to practice all those things n other thing's like prepare for anything dangerous etc. Can really effect even the best of us. I myself is one those I just mentioned. I feel like I'm waiting to just dying miserably.. but because of the love and positive people like yourself and others. Im able to cope. It's getting really hard though. Anyway thanks for the update

  3. I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat and completely at wil and ten minutes is all it takes and I'm refreshed. I prefer multiple cat naps compared to a full 8 hours which I wake from and feel exhausted.

  4. Everything you know is fails , only the true blessed and true gifted would never shared this with outsiders of a bad breed , and those who do have this , you only betrayed your god by sharing this long lasted gift ,

  5. Good video! I just opened my third eye and oh my did it frighten me. But I’m alright . I just discovered your channel and I must say I like what I hear.

  6. Hello Gavin
    Could you possibly let me know what those "adaptions" you mentioned to reduce stress were please ?? .. It's more the spelling as I'm struggling to find them .. Many thanks 🙏

  7. i just want to ask when u say amplify your feelings does that mean the not so good ones as well like if your really sleepy or angry or sad do you over express those feelings to

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