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  2. Ah, the clip that got me into carlin. He was so important, and critically thinking comedians are down by about 25% just from his loss. I'll take some heat for this probably, but I find Joe rogan to be the one who occasionally hits a rich topic within a set that most closely approaches carlins level

  3. From who left school for TV, radio, stand up, books as a independent liberal, that: You shall play with sticks, rock the boat, play lucky games, bomb buildings and that society sucks.. Moral? 0

  4. So if it's like this then how do we go about for change? You can't tell me there is no way out for I believe only those that don't care will say that. If there is an elite of people controlling us then we must get together even if it takes one person at a time. Optimism may be naive but in my opinion, it is better than giving up.

  5. This is why I‘m a socialist. America‘s biggest nightmare (thx to cold war propaganda) is actually the only way to bet them. Take all their property and let the people democratically control it.

  6. You're right. You're EXACTLY right. But it doesn't leave us with any hope-any solution. There is hope/solution I could promote, but you don't seem to want to go there- even though it is bigger than the 1%.

  7. One satirist 500 years ago said: "ridendo mores se castigat"

    You correct morals through laughter. When we laugh at comedians it's ok to genuinely feel entertained, but be aware that they are often telling you about what they see as wrong in society.

  8. A note about the evolution of statism through the ages. John D. Rockefeller, who pioneered the oil industry, gave "donations" to educational boards and systems around the country in order for them to change their entire educational approach. He favored a new system that favored standardized testing over critical thinking, toward "scientific management" in schools. With such a system, this makes it easier to push your own facts and information onto other people, effectively conditioning them from a young age.

    Rockefeller also contributed heavily to the Prohibition, as he believed that people would use alcohol instead of petroleum as fuel. The sale of electric cars were also affected, because he believed they would disrupt his supply and therefore harm his profits.

    See where this is leading? It's not liberalism or conservatism, Trump or Hillary, Commies or Jews or Socialists that's your problem. Those are just pawns and concepts the state implemented in exchange for "very legal and very cool" lobbying, which is really just legal bribery. Those who do the lobbying are the same special interests like Rockefeller and friends, who want people to keep arguing about artificial events and meaningless political ideas, so people can more efficiently perform work and "compulsively consume" as George Carlin said. The upper/ruling class understood that people produce more if you make them believe they are truly free and producing for themselves and their own benefit. So in a way, the most effective version of the state has evolved from a feudal monarchy into "neo-feudal" corporatism. Eventually, it will evolve into absolute fascism, not unlike how Aldous Huxley saw it. Capitalism lies at the root of the problem, as it is the system that I believe enables such forms of government by a few wealthy individuals.

  9. People in the background laughing because they think that this is comedy.
    Poor people you don‘t even get a clue about the message that this man is spreading 🤫

  10. "Obedient Workers" (aka: Wage/Tax Slaves) and "Law abiding" citizens (with small c) to comply with all their COLOR OF LAW Codes, Statutes, Ordinances, Rules, Regulations, etc here on the COMMERCE PLANTATION (see Charter of 1606). George has turned out to be a Sage and Prophet.

  11. In the horrible and evil communism, it's about education, sports, health, sharing, and prosperity… in capitalism, its about the dream of have shith you don't need, not sharing, junk food and glorify stupidity.
    This is madness.

  12. whats really weird is how the audience laughed at what George was telling the truth about like it was a joke but its no joke its the truth .

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