1. Blame the FDA, everything is labeled with huge warnings. Much bigger than cigarettes. Takes up like 30% of the package, it's like a fear tactic trying to steer people away.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for all your videos. I am a brand new baby vaper with a bottom of the line pen, but after watching your videos (And a few others), I FINALLY ordered my first mod! It should be her next week and I'm so excited!

    Mods really intimidated me for years. This is actually my second attempt to get off cigs. The first time I knew nothing and got some bad information. But you and channels like yours have made me confident that it's going to work this time. You've taken the mystery out of vaping for me and I am forever grateful. ๐Ÿ’œ

  3. So since we have proved that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. Are we just sticking with me safer or gonna say much safer alternative? Cuz thats what im staying with for myself because i like to vape even tho none smoker but because i enjoy the 100s of diff flavours to do, doing clouds and the tricks. ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’จ

  4. Glad for vaping. I smoked Camels for years. Non filter sometimes. After having been stupid enough to smoke,
    having watched my Dad die of lung cancer, him having smoked 3 packs of NON filtered Camels every day of his life. So yes, vaping is saving the life of another stupid person who smoked for years, namely ME !! No, my Dad was NOT a stupid person, far from it. And neither am I, or other smokers necessarily, just using hyperbole to emphasize my point. NO offense to smokers.

  5. Can you do a video directly talking about the fda's recent claims to vaping "causing cancer". I just want to show my mom so she doesn't freak out every time she see something on the news

  6. these people who making this calculates , test etc, so the doctors and profs , are sooooooooo dumb omg , don't know nothing . btw i dont think so they are realy doctors and profs .

  7. I REALLY need help, please. I use a smok nord with the ceramic coil, even though I primed it up correctly and I let it soak for 2 HOURS, they still burn in like 2 days. I canโ€™t control the wattage on a smok nord. Please help.

  8. Love your videos๐Ÿ–ค was wondering if you could make an upload soon about Vaping and cancer. So many people in my family think that vaping can cause cancer and I just want more information on if it really does or not.
    Currently Vaping on VGod Lush Ice with my Novo!

  9. Hi Dave, thanks for all the vids I'm a new vaper, leaving 50 rollups aday behind, really enjoying my aspire zelos, how do I make my own juice? And can I save money doing so ๐Ÿค˜

  10. Ive been vaping almost 6 years and now more than ever people try to argue and tell me its worse than smoking. It makes me despise the American healthcare organization more than i already do. If you live where healthcare is free its harm reduction, but here its worse because theres no money for big pharma in safer alternatives. Profit in disease and death.

  11. When my mom and relatives knew I was vaping, they told me to stop it because it's as bad as cigarettes. But as I explained the difference between smoking and vaping, they wouldn't believe me and said: "As long as it produces 'smoke' it's still smoking. Smh

  12. The Same Problem is in germany. The tv and news Magazin only say vaping is dangerous and has every time Nikotin.
    They got doctor with no knowledge to vaping.
    And There are people like the ex Boss of the Cancer prevention that has Make Many fake news.
    The most think vaping is more dangerous like cigarette

  13. Make a video about the ad going around saying vaping causes a irreversible disease to the lungs and shows like little parasites moving around in the airways idk if you seen it I found it a lie and a way to scare people

  14. Absolutely amazing content! Thank you for another easy to digest and informative video that can be shared everywhere. I love the work you do. Im appreciative to have a channel like yours here on YouTube.

  15. Youโ€™ve nailed it! I hope these video helps to inform and educate people who STILL believe than vaping is worst than smoking. The name should change or renamed to Electronic Vaporizer or something, in other words, remove the word cigarette that probably is the one causing a negative impact

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