TN Lifter cbd hemp flower review & 20 Pre Roll give away ( TN Hemp Farmacy )

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  1. Hey guys! I wanna share my recent experience with TN Hemp Farmacy. I want to start by saying their customer service is AMAZING! I recently ordered some hemp from them, but quickly canceled the order because I ordered the wrong strain. I decided I would go back to reorder in the morning. They messaged me back that morning and told me they were sorry I canceled my order and sent me the hemp anyway, free of charge!!!! They sent it priority mail, so I received it in 2 days! In the packaging they left me a card that said they were sorry for the cancelation and told me that they are just trying to help people, and get the word out about cbd and the wonders it does! I plan on going back to purchase cbd! Everyone should give them a try! They seem like genuinely good folks over there!! The buds look amazing too!

  2. A follow up. My bro Taz I was kinda disappointed man. My 2 zips were short about a gram each and in the first joint I rolled off 3 small nugs was 4 seeds in it. I got the bubblegum (berry) and strawberry lemonade but they smell and taste the same 😞. However my fields of hemp zips came in the mail and are all flame so I forever appreciate your videos on their strains.

  3. Hey brother I'm a new subscriber and love your content! I noticed in most of your videos you struggled to get the camera to focus on those close up shots. I'm certainly no expert but I vlog and I've found that while my hand is up if I touch the flower or whatever it may be onto my palm so my hand and the subject are the same distance from the camera lense, instead of holding it close to the camera out in front of my hand, I have better luck. Like I said not an expert just wanna help where I can! Thanks again for great vibes keep doin your thing out here man!😁🙏🙏

  4. Once again my dude coming out with good info. I ordered a batch of the Kush hemp and lifter a while back. The lifter was very potent, and when mixed with the Kush hemp the effects were Out of all people can't believe it was Trump who had the balls to decriminalize and legalize CBD. This beautiful plant is medicine and people shouldn't be criminalized for using something that increases their quality of life.

  5. How come you don't make it super easy for us and put the website in the description where you get the stuff… It's a pain in the butt going back and forward trying to get the site… 😑

  6. You died so good I thought my video stoped playing😂!! Love the vids man. Best reveiws on youtube!! You a real one. Makes my day Everytime i get the notification. Gang gang💯

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