Recreational marijuana use will eventually be legalized: Cannabis company CEO

Acreage Holdings CEO Kevin Murphy joins “Squawk Box” to discuss where the United States stands in the stage of transitioning toward legalizing recreational …


  1. The government sucks big time, now they stick their greedy hands in the till.

    Bullshit, i used cannabis 55 years ago and there was stuff around just as good as today.

  2. Scott (Out of the FDA) Gottlieb is wrong as are both talking point pundits – and we've know since 1973 about smoked cannabis "Marihuana smoke, unlike cigarette smoke, causes bronchodilatation rather than bronchoconstriction and, unlike opiates, does not cause central respiratory depression." And Dr. Sue Sisley is about to release the findings with smoked cannabis and PTSD, with amazing results. Actually inhalation is the fastest and most efficient way to get medicine, ask an asthmatic during and attack.

  3. West coast neighboring states will have interstate commerce before anyone else. West coast for the cannabis win especially the leader of the pack, California. Also, these legal grows are diverting product to the black market because they over produce and legal market is to small to support their over production.
    Besides that, this lady needs to learn before making a comment that includes the phrase "idk", learn then speak up.

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