Phillip Markoff [CG Kid] | YourMateTom Podcast #13

I talk to Phillip Markoff [Cg Kid] and talk about about Religion in AA, Prescription Drugs & Drug Education. Go to and use COUPON CODE …


  1. Hey, great video! Was just wondering what bear blend you'd recommend, definitely goint to pick some up for myself with your code 🙂 Staying away from weed and tobacco this seems like something good to have for 'emergency'

  2. My friend thought he could hold his life together with amphetamines… Guess what he overloaded and couldn't take it. Amphetamines especially legal ADHD stimulants

  3. CG kid is addicted to porn… Porn is a dark hole. Well "dark holes" is probably a category…. Some fetishes are very unhealthy…. If you start needing crazier freaky porn to get off… You're addicted and raising your "drug dose" and it's porn

  4. Seeing you two talking with eachother shows how far you both have gotten. It really cheers me up. All your content on drug recovery and experiences helped overcoming my very bad habits. I cannot thank you enough.

  5. Can you make a video about the matrix and the current state of our earth the planet right now and technology please ,and how escape it and re connect with nature and the universe and how we are trapped in a world controlled by money

  6. In my opinion, when he says he is not addicted to porn yet he watches it every day and hasn't tried to quit it then maybe he doesnt know he is addicted to it. our brains are hardwired to release dopamine whenever they see novelty, high-speed internet porn offers so much novelty ( Millions of videos) that it literally floods our brains with dopamine. Many people of course wank to porn and cum, orgasm is the highest natural reward that the brain can give , when people watch too much porn the brain dopamine receptors are literally getting numbed or even damaged, causing lack of interest in real sex, unrealistic expectations, dysfunctional relationships, desensitization (even regular porn wont do anything no longer so fetishes start), social anxiety or insane cravings to watch it and that's just among many other. And of course because nowadays is so socially acceptable and actually encouraged in a way as being healthy or natural, Kids are exposed to this since very young around the age of 8 to 10, they mature reinforcing this habit which is actually horrible and very hard to completely get rid of when older. Also it is a huge problem in modern society. Could also talk about the ethics of the industry which is completely messed up tbh but that's another conversation. With all my respect I think he should try to quit it completely then reflect " If he struggles to do so" to see how addictive it actually is. Btw i love his videos too and he has helped me in the past. Great podcast as always tom <3

  7. I’ve been reading this book “The Tao of Sobriety” it’s basically an eastern view of addiction. Really interesting, like nothing I’ve found on the internet

  8. What the hell.. I've watched CGkid for a little while but didn't know his real name. He happens to share the exact name of a guy called the "Craigslist killer" who was a medical student in Boston around 2009, convicted of murder and a host of other crimes. His interrogation is on YouTube and it's really entertaining to hear him try to lie his way out of it. I know it's a random fact but I found that funny.

  9. If you have ADHD try 200-300mg of caffeine it is godly. As an alternative to any pharma drug. It's roughly a cup/cup and a half (two cups max) of caffeinated coffee and you'll be able to focus without distractibility or fidgeting.

  10. Yeah man I was perscribed ADHD meds at 7ish I have perminant growth deficiencies because I never ate. I don't blame my parents they were just doing what they thought best. But doctor's really have to get there shit together.

  11. They gave me ritalin when I was 5. I ended up in psychotic break. My parent didn't knew it was "drugs", the school told them I was ill and I needed medecine.

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