Off Grid Log Cabin: Alone with my Dog in an Ice Storm

logcabin #offgrid #dog Relaxing at the cabin with Cali, my Golden Retriever. The weather was incredible, warm and sunny one day with deer coming out to dine …


  1. It is fine for one or two to live in a wilderness area but hopefully others will follow suit with my GREEN solution and stick to inner city where it is already developed and believe it or not, some wildlife still thrive. We even had a coyote looking for a mate here in Boston's South End awhile back. We were told to leave it alone. It was a lovelorn coyote and wildlife reigns supreme here in MA. If a bear roams through suburbia, people run for their cameras. In many areas they run for their shotguns. We sold our car decades ago, walk or bike ride or occasional lease Town Cars due to their safety record via my husband's office, or taxis and don't travel or do much to upset Mother Nature other than consume organic food etc. If too many people decide to return to a simple life in the wilderness, heaven help the few wild creatures we have left on this overtaxed earth of ours.

  2. You can't really be 100% offgrid and do things like what you're doing with this channel. But it looks like you're doing a really good job of being as close as you can be offgrid.
    Even though honey bee's aren't normal, natural, traditional. You really should look into having them. They will help so much in so many ways. You can get honey, crystallized honey/honey sugar, and wax from them. They also help with pollination of plants of course. With the wax alone you can make so many things, candles, polishing wax and water sealer for the wood handles of your tool as well as any leather gear, and if you get coconut oil you can mix that with bee's wax and make lip balm and hand/foot cream to help prevent cracked skin. Honey in the raw is great for putting on cuts and aberrations to help keep them from becoming infected. Crystallized honey/honey sugar is much better for you then regular cane sugar. Though as for sugar you are covered well with making maple sugar over there in Canada?

  3. Nothing like the love of a good dog. Goldens are the best!
    Just stumbled across your channel and appreciate the tranquility of the video. Looking forward to more.

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