Chris, Logan, Robb, and Jared sit down with Metal Hammer journalist-extraordinaire Dom Lawson and listen to ‘Burn My Eyes’ for the first time in over 2 …


  1. This album originally came out in 1994, but it as a timeless "lost" gem that it needs to be appreciated now… It was good back them, even better now,,, 20 years from now, still enjoying it. Hell yeah!!

  2. Can’t say enough about Chris and his playing I’m ashamed I’m not familiar with his other work this album changed my approach to music THANKS MH can’t wait for the tour 🛒

  3. Kontos has a really fun personality.
    I want him to rejoin fully if possible, but at the same time, the way Robs been for ages, he sorta doesn't deserve Kontos, he's too much of a happy guy.

  4. Dear Machine Head, it really sucks to write this especially to you guys and I've picked you first because I think you are my favourite band. I know you guys will understand as you have long sung songs against injustice and I really hope you understand this is not aimed at you guys but I think that is why I picked you first and like you so much, because I think you guys might just fight with a fan.

    WMG have recently begun a militant attack on social media, particularly Youtube. Not against real violations but against videos that in no way infringe their rights. They are attacking fair use but they have taken this so far to even copyright videos that contain no music or WMG media, they are claiming rights for videos that simply talk about their music. This is B.S. Because of this I have decided to no longer support WMG in any way and this unfortunately means I can no longer support many of my favourite artists who are signed with them. I understand this has nothing to do with you guys and it isn't your fault but this is the only way I feel I can respond to this and I am hoping that if artists feel the same way I do they will let WMG know that this is wrong and WMG will reverse this behaviour.

    When you learn to play, you learn other peoples songs, hell I've seen you jamming other people's song. We all talk about other people's songs, we all talk about music because this is what we love. WMG have no right to take this away from us and something needs to be done to stop them.

    I'm not trying to encourage anyone else to do this but I do want to explain this to bands I love so hopefully they become aware of this situation and ask WMG to stop and apologise.

    I still love your music and I'm still going to listen to the CD's I have, I just can't give WMG any more money so that means I can't give you guys and a lot of other bands I love any more money. Sorry.

  5. They ran everything through a Metal Zone? I did not expect that, they have such a shitty rep. Might have to get one after all, since it seems like you can get some real good tone out of them. 😀

  6. never been a fan of writing, personally to be honest but I always loved Chris' playing. something was very special about his playing, arrangement in MH. such a great thing to see him back for the tour 🙂

  7. Where’s Adam? Oh yeah that’s right….Rob “fired” him…won’t ever be the same without him…I think it’s time to hang it up boys, no use kicking a dead horse

  8. it s very cool to listen to this guy , Robb took a very good decision , reunit the people from the beginning , they are happy to be there that s music brothership is awesome , it s a particular feeling to share music with friends , it s a very strong link…..

  9. Burn my Eyes doesn't exist without Chris Kontos. Dave McClain is a respectable drummer but he never had – and will never have – the required skill to restaure the original strength of this masterpiece. Burn my Eyes is their first album but it's still their best and Kontos is the keystone of this success. Long live Machine Head!

  10. Legends!! Rob Flynn riding a carnival ride on Dynamo in the Netherlands was awesome.. Never heard a grunt so loud passing in vertical space.. Burn my eyes is on my all-time top 10 list (of any music style).. Much love from the Netherlands!!

  11. I watched them on their last two tours, amazing shows!! Sad the old lineup ran it's course but that's the way she goes…I hope the classic Burn My Eyes group sticks together!!!

  12. Rock your mouth when I'm not around, it's easy to achieve
    You cry to weak friends that sympathize
    Can you hear the violins playing your song?
    Those same friends tell me your every word
    Is there no standard anymore?
    What it takes, who I am, where I've been, belong
    You can't be something you're not
    Be yourself by yourself, stay away from me,,,,,,,

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